April 2021
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Hi I’m Blu, and I'm happy to be in your inbox again! The last three months have been incredibly busy, and we’re so grateful for that. We’ve added happy clients to our family, hosted webinars, sponsored and hosted fabulous events, partnered with truly innovative companies, and the year is still so young! We hope 2021 turns out be a great year for you as well. Here’s a quick roundup of all that’s kept us on our toes for the last three months. Happy reading!

DemandBlue Creates the Impact!

We are proud to announce that DemandBlue is recognized as an Impact partner of Salesforce.org. As a team, we are excited to see ourselves listed at our new level of partnership with Salesforce.org. This is the result of all the efforts we had put in to make a difference in the community and add value to all our partners in the nonprofit vertical. We are here because of the passion and commitment of everyone here in DemandBlue.

Salesforce.org recognized DemandBlue as an Equality Partner

Equality is a core value at Salesforce. And so is it for us at DemandBlue. We believe that we grow much stronger when we foster equality at workplace. The culture of equality has been our driving force and has sustained our successful journey in the Salesforce ecosystem. Today, we are glad that Salesforce.org has recognized our commitment to society and announced us as their Equality Partner.

DemandBlue turns Gold

Yes! Midas was here and he touched us! DemandBlue has been upgraded as a Salesforce Gold Partner. It is a fruition of all the hard work that has gone into delivering high quality output in our projects and staying focused on complete customer satisfaction and their success and growth. This is the result of a collective team effort put in by every single person at DemandBlue.
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DemandBlue Sponsors Salesforce.org Nonprofit Summit

We are stoked to be a Silver sponsor of Salesforce.org’s upcoming Nonprofit Summit. It is a FREE event and a must-attend virtual event for nonprofits and for everyone who cares for the community. With an ensemble lineup of speakers, changemakers, and industry experts, there’s a lot to learn and get inspired by. The event kicks off on April 21. Are you a nonprofit? Make sure to register today.

Do you work with and support nonprofits in your community? Share the registration link with them: sfdc.co/DBnpsummit

DemandBlue’s Partnership Announcements

In our journey towards Salesforce service excellence, we are proud to collaborate with a variety of partners who have played a vital role in helping us Innovate, Enhance, and Extend our capabilities. So, it is with immense delight, that we introduce our new partners from the Salesforce ecosystem.

Partnering with Workato to bring custom low code Automation, Integration, and application orchestration to the masses

Workato is the leading Enterprise Automation Platform. Workato enables both business and IT teams to integrate their apps and automate business workflows without compromising security and governance. It enables companies to drive real time outcomes from business events. There is no coding required, and the platform utilizes Machine Learning and patented technology to make the creation and implementation of automations 10X faster than traditional platforms. workato
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Add More Value for your Customers with Signavio Process Intelligence

Over 1 million users in more than 1,500 organizations worldwide rely on Signavio’s unique offering to make process part of their DNA. With its powerful mining, modelling and automation capabilities, Signavio’s Business Transformation Suite is a cloud-based management platform that enables mid-size and large organizations to understand, improve and transform all of their business processes faster than ever and at scale, providing new levels of business process speed and real-time intelligence. Its intelligent decision making tools address digital transformation, operational excellence and customer centricity, placing them at the heart of the world’s leading organizations. Headquartered in Berlin, with offices in the US, UK, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Japan, India and Australia, Signavio has helped optimize over 1 million processes across the globe.

Xpertdoc for Salesforce: Leverage powerful document generation and automation capabilities to generate, deliver and store business documents, better and faster

Xpertdoc, an Experlogix-owned company, is on a mission to enable organizations to digitally transform their document-centric processes, by automating documents that drive customer engagement and business growth.

With 20 years of expertise and experience in documents, our industry-leading solutions – ranging from entry-level document generation to full-scale enterprise document automation – allow companies to simplify, optimize and automate consistent document processes, from creation to delivery.


Our latest solution, Xpertdoc for Salesforce, enables business users to build and run any document process that leverages data from Salesforce, Xpertdoc’s web-based Smart Forms and/or external data sources such as an ERP or CPQ system. Your business-process owners can easily model and deploy simple or complex document flows by arranging flow steps through the solution’s intuitive user interface, and by defining wizard-driven logic between these steps, create personalized and engaging documents – without code.


Notable projects we wrapped up recently:

All projects are important. The routine implementations, configurations and integrations make up for a major portion of our work. Here is a list of our recent novelty solutions for our clients -

Client Project Description
Leading sports body in US Developed a community portal using Experience Cloud
Technology giant in E&P vertical Salesforce and ON-24 integration
Financial asset custody solutions Salesforce - Mulesoft integration
Faith-based nonprofit building bridges of goodwill Marketing Cloud customization
Insurance and wealth management company Salesforce Survey implementation
Provides ingrediants to breweries CPQ implementation
Advanced sensing & display solutions CPQ implementation
Healthcare accessory manufacturer CPQ implementation

DemandBlue’s most recent customers

DemandBlue offers unique brand value due to our customer-centric culture and in-depth expertise on all things Salesforce. We started off this year by continuing to acquire clients who fell in love with our innovative On Demand engagement model and expertise. Here is a snapshot of our most recent customers –

  • Based in Long Beach, CA, client is the leading provider of specialized, expedited transportation and logistics services specifically tailored to the entertainment & media, medical device, life sciences, luxury fashion, secure custody & control and aviation, aerospace & MRO industries.
  • Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, client is a non-profit Roman Catholic Christian ministry that develops and delivers Bible studies to reach Catholic adult women, young adult women, and middle school girls to deepen their relationships with Jesus Christ by offering personal study and small group discussion .
  • Based in Mountain View, CA, client is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research, education and public outreach and they are specialized in Astrobiology, Exoplanets, Climate, Planetary exploration, Science education, Geoscience, and Astronomy.
  • Based in Washington, DC, client is a Non-profit Construction Industry Labor Union, which represents workers who work on bridges, structural steel, ornamental, architectural, and miscellaneous metals, rebar and in shops.
  • Based in Hollywood, CA, client is a creative, media arts college, offering accredited Bachelor of bachelor's degrees in Animation & VFX, Entertainment Business and Graphic Design, and Associate of Science degrees in Audio Production, Music Production and Writing for Film.
  • Based in Lethbridge, Alberta, client is an educational institution that offers career-training certificate, diploma programs, applied degrees and apprenticeships and they are specialized in Business and Management, Design and Technology, Justice Studies, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, etc.
  • Based in Laguna Hills, California, client is the premier provider of Residentialist care and they are specialized in Chronic & High Risk Care, Wellness Visits, Care Transitions - Continuity of Care, Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Family Medicine, and House Call Medical Group .
  • Based in, Portage, MI, client is a Managing General Agency and Surplus Lines Broker providing independent insurance agents with access to a variety of standard and specialty markets for commercial transportation, P&C, brokerage, professional liability, personal lines and surety.
  • Based in Napa, California, client is an educational institution that prepares students for evolving roles in a diverse, dynamic, and interdependent world and their specialties are transfer courses, career-technical education and training, basic skills, self-supporting contract education, and community education classes.
  • Based in Danbury, Connecticut, client were the first furniture retailer to offer furniture gallery showrooms and complimentary interior design service. They are specialized in Quality home furnishings, accessories and design solutions
  • Based in Erie, PA, client produce mathematics education materials for kindergarten through college calculus and their specialties are educational publishing, mathematics, authoring, editing, desktop publishing, technical art, graphic art, and technology.
  • Client strives to ensure equal justice for all immigrant adults and children at risk of detention and deportation in the Washington DC area and beyond through direct legal representation, know your rights presentations, impact litigation, advocacy, and the enlistment and training of attorneys to defend immigrants.
  • Based in New York, client is a leading provider of background, identity verification, and Covid-19 health testing services. Client’s tech-enabled services help organizations across all industries establish great environments for their workers, partners, and customers.

Events Roundup


DevOps – Past, present and future

DevOps is no longer the future. It is the present. DevOps breaks down silos and the “we’ve always done it this way approach.” At DemandBlue, we’ve adopted this new way of working and have achieved success. And what better way to celebrate it than to share our secret sauce with the community? We co-hosted a highly successful DevOps event on January 13.

Along with CodeScan, Copado, Own Backup, and Salesforce, we ensured every attendee walked away with actionable tips to achieve galactic DevOps success. Missed the event? You can catch up here.

Nonprofit Dreamin’

As a champion sponsor of Nonprofit Dreamin’, we were thrilled with the huge success of the event. Get a quick peek in to the 2 days of excitement –


DemandBlue Webinar

Our quarterly webinar was conducted in the third week of February and centered around the topic “DIY features of Pardot.” It was by far the most sought-after webinars we have conducted thus far. There was a clamor for seats as the topic was of interest to anyone who had already invested in Pardot and also for all those intending to do so.

The presenters were all Salesforce certified Pardot Consultants. Atul Mathur, our Customer Success Manager, spoke in detail on all the out-of-the-box features that could easily be enabled and customized by users. Ilaya Maran took all the participants on a tour into the Pardot, visually explaining how to get hands on with the setup. Lokesh Rekapalli, Technical Project Manager, focused on reports and metrics. Participants were engaged right from start to finish and there were a lot of questions, which were answered by the expert panel. If you are interested, you can watch the recording here.

May 4th Webinar: Using Salesforce to Improve Your Donor and Constituent Experience

We’re bringing together a panel of nonprofit leaders and Salesforce experts to share how their organizations have used Salesforce to enhance their outreach to donors and constituents. Join us May 4th to hear the conversations and have all your questions answered from community thought leaders!

Time: 2:00pm EDT/ 11:00 am PDT

International Women’s Day

Team DemandBlue is comprised of 45% women whose contributions are critical to our mission and growth. Team DemandBlue joined partners CodeScan for their International Women’s Day roundtable of successful developers and architects from the ecosystem to discuss how to work, grow and lead careers on the Salesforce platform. Read More

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