January 2022
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Hi I’m Blu! And I am electrified to meet you all with some amazing updates. Our last three months have been absolutely engaging, and we were especially delighted by our customer response. During this quarter, we've added a vast list of enterprise clients to our cheerful family, hosted webinars, launched innovative technology, celebrated fun-filled events, partnered with cool technology-driven companies, and so much more! We are excited for a blockbuster 2022 and we hope it’s awesome for you as well. Here's a quick recap of the excitement that kept us motivated for the last three months. Happy reading!

The launch of our Revenue Cloud accelerator program

DemandBlue launches new accelerator programs for customers to speed up their Salesforce Revenue Cloud journey.

On 26th Oct 2021, DemandBlue launched the Revenue Cloud accelerator program to help companies quickly start their Revenue Cloud implementation journey. The launch of the new Revenue Cloud Accelerator program helps customers boost their overall revenue growth and reduce their sales cycle.

DemandBlue's Revenue Cloud offering:

Revenue Cloud
DemandBlue's Revenue Cloud implementation is driven by an On Demand Service model that promises affordable and scalable implementation. Our Revenue Cloud implementation will help unleash the capabilities of Salesforce Revenue Cloud and restructure your lead-to-revenue cycle.
Enable quote-to-cash automation and amplify sales quotes with our custom Salesforce CPQ implementation. Leverage our On Demand Service and experience immediate results in weeks, not months. Accelerate revenue growth and improve sales efficiency with DemandBlue.
Our custom Revenue Cloud offering for high-tech industries will conquer your revenue cycle challenges. Our tailored approach helps high-tech industries manage and quote thousands of products and nested bundles with pricing rules that support your specific pricing model.
B2B Commerce
DemandBlue's tailored B2B Commerce offering can quickly transform your digital commerce business model with accelerated revenue and enhanced customer experience. Set up your eCommerce storefront in just days through our Salesforce B2B Commerce implementation.
DemandBlue offers simplified billing services that help businesses streamline their overall processes from quote-to- cash to revenue recognition. Our custom billing implementation will help reduce the billing complexities and efficiently handle the subscription billings.

Revenue Cloud Accelerator Packages

CPQ Quickstart Package

DemandBlue's Quickstart package consists of a fixed scope, 4-6 week implementation schedule. Our Quickstart package offers a hassle-free, rapid implementation to address your business challenge from deployment day one. Our CPQ quickstart is built explicitly for businesses new to CPQ who wish to start quickly to achieve faster ROI. Our quickstart package helps automate pricing, bundle products, and streamline your complex offerings. Implement Salesforce CPQ in Weeks, not Months.

SaaS Accelerator for Subscriptions

DemandBlue’s SaaS CPQ accelerator helps software-as-a-service companies set up a custom, immediately operational CPQ platform. The packages enable you to manage changes in clients' subscription services, pricing rules, and create product price books in real time. Our SaaS accelerator package is flexible, agile, and helps eradicate unnecessary license issues your customers deal with. Remove the complexities of standard subscription management with our SaaS CPQ accelerator.

Customer feedback

Our team is proud of the collaboration with our customers and the work we have done to ensure a measure of success. Customers have helped us to innovate, excel in our capabilities, and push the boundaries of what even we thought was possible. We are delighted to share a few of our customer appreciations here.

About the client:

The client is one of the leading educational organizations in the US offering physicians in management positions and leadership. The organization has more than 11,000 members and has a strong background in career development and education.


"We were fully satisfied with DemandBlue's services, in particular the On Demand Services which allow us to very quickly scale effort in support of business needs. For our last project, we needed an automated field update during the Contact merge that triggered an external system process. The solution was delivered on time, after which we used our internal change management to release to production."


About the client:

The client is a leading data platform that offers activation, curation, and identity to empower privacy data. The data management platform holds 2.6+ million first-party IDs and offers transparent data management platforms across social media and mobile platforms that are free of fraudulent advertisments.


"Demand Blue has been a fantastic partner in the CPQ development/rollout process. We would highly recommend them as a solutions provider."


DemandBlue's strategic partnership announcements

DemandBlue is glad to announce our strategic partnership with some leading tech giants that helps us with our innovation, mission, and technology upgrades. With their help we have leveraged every potential opportunity to deliver high-end business outcomes with maximum capabilities.

DemandBlue partners with Logik.io to enhance your Salesforce CPQ Experience with Powerful Configuration.

Logik.io provides a next-generation high-performance configuration engine built to enhance Salesforce CPQ and eCommerce platforms by making complex configuration simple. Logik.io was founded by industry veterans who pioneered the Configure Price Quote technology space, bringing decades of combined experience to the space.

Logik.io allows Salesforce CPQ users to more seamlessly configure more advanced product and service offerings in Salesforce, and enables businesses to sell highly configurable products on their website thanks to Logik.io's headless architecture. Logik.io also produces separate Sales and Manufacturing bills of materials when configuring products. This allows end-users to produce streamlined quotes with less lines and less complexity, and enables a manufacturing bill of material to be sent to your ERP system. Overall Logik.io helps businesses increase revenue while reducing costs, accelerates sales configuration process, increases flexibility, and reduces day-to-day maintenance efforts. Let's supercharge your Salesforce CPQ experience - learn more here: https://www.logik.io

DemandBlue is proud to partner with MuleSoft to transform your business with API-led connectivity

MuleSoft is the provider of the world's #1 trusted integration and API platform. Using MuleSoft, companies can integrate data from siloed apps and systems and automate complete workflows more efficiently to deliver seamless digital experiences, faster. DemandBlue's implementation expertise and industry knowledge, coupled with MuleSoft's technology, gives clients the support and tools they need to unlock and unify data from the rapidly growing number of apps and systems. MuleSoft brings together integration, APIs, and automation all on one leading unified platform, making it possible for companies to turn every asset in their organization — data, bots, and applications — into reusable building blocks to scale and increase the speed of work.

DemandBlue partners with Monday.com, your one platform to build, scale, run and manage entire business operation teams

monday.com is a customizable work OS where teams create and shape workflow apps to plan, run, and track their processes, projects, and operations. As a cloud-based SaaS platform, monday.com facilitates a more efficient and intuitive way to manage teams and organizations of all sizes.

The platform connects people to processes and systems, empowering teams to excel in every aspect of their work while creating an environment of transparency in business. The platform fits any business vertical and is currently used by over 130,000 paying organizations around the world, from over 180 countries. monday.com is a strategic Salesforce partner and provides many benefits and advantages when combining their capabilities:  

Gain visibility into the entire sales process
Give your non-sales teams easy access to information from Salesforce inside monday.com at every stage.

Keep your customer-facing teams aligned
Seamlessly transfer leads between teams as they move through the sales pipeline and remove friction from the customer journey.

Supercharge your workflows
Automatically sync data from Salesforce and watch it turn into actionable tasks inside monday.com, without any manual effort.

DemandBlue’s strategic partnership with Tableau helps people and organizations become more data-driven.

The Tableau platform provides the breadth and depth of capabilities that enterprises need and adapts to your environment with unmatched flexibility and choice, while meeting the toughest governance and security requirements. People love using Tableau because it is both powerful and intuitive. Tableau leads the industry with the most passionate user community, over 86,000 customer accounts, and a commitment to customer-focused innovation.

DemandBlue's win-win deals - New customer acquisitions

Our customer-centric culture and in-depth Salesforce expertise have been pivotal to our success over the years. We place customer satisfaction first and foremost and deliver solutions that solve technology bottlenecks and add business value. A good example is our On Demand Services engagement model that continues to inspire new customers.

Here is a snapshot of our most recent customers:

  • Based in Attleboro Falls, MA, the client is the 3rd Largest Snow and Ice Company in North America and among the Top 25 Snow Removal Companies in the country by the Snow and Ice Management Association.
  • Based in Arizona, the client is a manufacturer and distributor of custom orthotic and ankle orthosis medical products
  • Based in Irvine, California, the client is a commercial-stage medical device company focused on developing products to treat and transform the lives of patients suffering from venous diseases.

  • Based in Toronto, Ontario, the client is an educational institution redefining how people think about postsecondary education with its student-focused teaching and learning linked to industry.
  • Based in Corona, CA, the client is the largest independently held mortgage lender in the nation. Their network of professionals is dedicated to finding suitable loans to help clients better manage their mortgage needs.

  • Based in Easton, PA, the client is a premier pet food and pet supply distributor, servicing pet specialty markets all across the country.


Recently completed projects

All projects are important. The routine implementations, configurations and integrations make up for a major portion of our work. Here is a list of our recent novelty solutions for our clients -

Project description About the client
Sales process automation A leading provider of funding and merchant cash advances for the entire Canadian businesses.
Redesigning opportunity flow An international aerospace company manufactures highly and advanced aero-engine components and repairs for global clients. 
CPQ Implementation The client is a leading data activation, curation, and identity platform.
Sales Cloud Implementation The client is the largest gym licensing brand in the world, with over 300 licensees in 20 countries.
Service Cloud - Quickstart Implementation The client redefines how people think about postsecondary education with its student-focused teaching and learning linked to industry.
Portal Enhancements The client is one of the country's largest single-lot new home replacement builders.
Code Optimization for Scalability & Maintainability The client is an enterprise services company that provides personnel background checks and screening for global industries, governments, and more.
Territory Assignment The client's platform identifies the drug that will work based on the patient's fundamental disease biology, and not on symptoms or medical bias.
Assessment & Recommendation of Password Reset Process The client represents family physicians, residents, and medical students nationwide. It is the only medical society devoted solely to primary care.
Monthly Scorecard The client is a nationally recognized leader in restoration, environmental remediation, and reconstruction services.
Audit of Pardot & Marketing Cloud Instance The client is a complete lower extremity solutions provider that offers innovative products and services, unparalleled in quality and expertise.

Events Roundup

The effects of power tools to protect Salesforce DevOps pipeline against cybercriminals and accidental data loss

DemandBlue's customer success managers Pranav Gupta, Abhil Mahapatra, and Jacob Scheff, the Director of Sales at AutoRABIT + CodeScan, took the audience on a guided tour on the practical ways of how to secure the overall DevOps pipeline:

  • Institute frequent data backups,
  • Automate the processes whenever required and reduce maximum errors,
  • Test, audit, monitor your Salesforce environment,
  • Ensure proper Salesforce implementation,
  • Communicate best DevOps practices.

The webinar covered the significant scenario in Salesforce implementation using the DevOps pipeline, such as disaster recovery, effects of data loss, and the importance of continuous analysis. The speakers also visualized the strategies and 3 E's that help to transfigure DevOps pipeline vision into reality.

Click here to watch the webinar

Enable MFA for your Salesforce Environment

The how, and why to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Salesforce.

We recently conducted a webinar on the best practice for enabling Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication. Hosted by Arturo Qrdoqui—DemandBlue's Practice Head for Nonprofit—the audience was introduced to MFA and then shown in detail how it achieved and delivered a secure Salesforce experience.

The webinar further covered where Multi-Factor Authentication should be applied in an organization and how the Salesforce experience was improved with MFA. At the conclusion of the webinar we provided resources and solutions to help the audience better understand MFA and how they could enhance their user experience with bolstered security.

Click here to watch the webinar

Salesforce CPQ video series: a mission to effortlessly manage subscription products

Mission – 1: Subscription product basics

The mission leaders Parul Nagpal, Director of Customer Success, and Miles Sims, Salesforce Revenue Cloud Practice head at DemandBlue, educated the audience with deep insights on different business engagement models and pricing types that can be configured using Salesforce CPQ. The session also enlightened how a custom CPQ could drastically benefit different pricing models such as SaaS, subscription, and recurring revenue models. The host also explained the standard terms used in Salesforce CPQ and Subscription models such as bundling, MDQ subscription, and more.

Click to watch the video

Mission – 2: Subscription product setup

Mission – 2 delivered the importance of creating or setting up the subscription products in Salesforce CPQ at a basic level. The host, Miles Sims, Salesforce Revenue Cloud Practice Head at DemandBlue, demonstrated the important essentials. For example: basic setup of fixed price products, subscription products, subscription terms, subscription types, block pricing, and percent of total products. Every attendee left with thoughtful insights related to features and pricing options.

Click to watch the video

Mission – 3: Multi-dimensional quoting and quote line groups

The Mission-3 of our CPQ video series was hosted by Parul Nagpal, Director of Customer Success at DemandBlue. She took on the attentive audience through the INs and OUTs of MDQ (Multi-dimensional quoting) products. She also covered price dimensions, quote line groups, and MDQ examples. Finally, she demonstrated the MDQ segment in action with an original price of discounts and total subscription fees.

Click to watch the video series

Fun Zone

Salesforce CRM ranked as the #1 CRM provider by IDC for the 8th consecutive year

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