January 2023
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Hi, I’m Blu! So excited to meet you all again with some surprising updates. Our last quarter has been totally remarkable, with excellent customer engagement and responses. We are delighted to have invited new clients to our happy family, hosted insightful webinars, enjoyed fun-filled events, partnered with renowned technology-driven companies, and so much more! We are excited to kickstart 2023, and we hope it's also amazing for you. Here's a quick recap of the excitement of the last three months. Happy reading!


Events Roundup

Forrester Webinar- “Account Executive 2.0”

webinar on account executive

DemandBlue Cloud specialists Selva Pandian and Miles Sims, and Forrester’s Principal Analyst, Kate Legget, took the audience on a guided tour to set up a successful and engaging B2B customer journey. The webinar session covered how businesses can leverage CRM, add digital tools like AI, and automate complex processes to save sellers time and improve purchase efficiency. Moreover, it also gave insights into new trends and sales models that helped organizations to grow revenue at twice the rate of GDP.

Better Program Management is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 Webinar

better program management

Watch our webinar to see the magic of Salesforce & forms! We’ll show you a nonprofit’s journey with Program Management Module and 123FormBuilder to streamline and improve their collection of data with the latest form solutions for program registrations, student/volunteer applications, attendance check-in and more – the possibilities of forms are endless!

Luncheons with Clients in California

Luncheons with Clients in California

Sharing our best time with our clients in California here! It was great meeting everyone, and certainly a lot of interesting and insightful conversations brewed with a healthy dose of laughter!

Salesforce Manufacturers Summit

Salesforce Manufacturers Summit

DemandBlue Revenue Cloud Head, Miles Sims, and Business Development Manager, Sunil Andrews, recently attended Salesforce’s Manufacturing Summit in Chicago. The event allowed us to interact with many manufacturing customers and help them understand how Salesforceaids in driving greater efficiencies and streamlining operations under a unified platform.

Partner Updates

DemandBlue is delighted to announce that now we are a Growth Partner of Logik.io with certified in-house launch specialists!


Logik.io is a renowned Salesforce ISV partner and a next-gen B2B technology company focused on revolutionizing selling practices. Its advanced configuration logic and guided selling layouts help businesses boost their Salesforce CPQ experience and performance.

Partnering with Logik.io allows us to help your sales reps gain the upper hand to configure sophisticated products simply and faster. We recently certified a number of Logik.io launch specialists who are fully trained and equipped to bring clients live with Logik.io.

Our Revenue Cloud Practice Head, Miles Sims, recently had an opportunity to share his insights along with 50 other Cloud experts on Logik.io’s survey on modern QTC operations.

Organizations Increase Online Donations and Amplify Impact with Classy

Amplify Impact with Classy

Classy’s mission is to mobilize and empower the world for good by enabling nonprofits to create relevant, engaging, and intuitive experiences for supporters. Solving the world’s greatest challenges is difficult, but funding the work behind it doesn’t have to be. Over 6,000 nonprofits use Classy for crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, recurring giving programs, donation pages, and fundraising events and auctions, making it easy for supporters to give and convert. Check out Camp Kesem’s Path to Giving Tuesday Success on Classy.

Here’s what our customers have to say about our work

Team DemandBlue adheres to a customer-centric approach to help clients achieve their desired outcomes when using our service. We focus on creating positive relationships throughout the customer journey to make their experience memorable and profitable. Our team ensures collaboration and engagement at every level to help clients revolutionize and excel quickly.

"An overall project we had a very good experience. DemandBlue was knowledgeable and was providing the solutions. Everything was done and delivered on time. I really was able to work with the DemandBlue team very well.

The benefit of hiring DemandBlue is that they were able to deliver what we asked for it. The solutions provided by DB were also very good.

I will like to continue working with DB on other projects!"

"They helped me create a UI for re-heating existing leads. Our company had been working on this for over 6 months internally and got nowhere. Their team got it done in less than a month, met the deadline, and created a UI that was easy to use and accomplishes our needs."

"After several weeks of discussions and trials, DemandBlue was able to solve a very difficult problem for us. The final solution may not be the most elegant, but it is fully functional and easily maintained. I'm very glad we had them handle the project with us."

"I am very pleased working with DemandBlue. They are a very effective team that manages higher level concepts/perspectives and recommendations of best approach to implement solid solutions for the business. Regularly looks for creative options to solve complex problems to simplify the sales team’s process. They have managed the day-to-day development resources, timeline, quality assurance and deployment. They consistently delivered high quality solutions and code/configurations within salesforce. Their process of manages the timeline and commitments are clear and concise. They both have excellent communication. They work well with the internal teams and accommodate frequent changes effectively and professionally. If you are looking for solid performance at a great price, I would highly recommend DemandBlue."

"The DemandBlue team has been extremely helpful in getting us started on a path towards more effective use of Salesforce."

"DemandBlue’s Customer Success Manager is patient and curious and helped us review our own processes before we implemented a solution. This approach helped our Salesforce instance be a useful, multi-dimensional tool for our complex organization."

"Our experience has been top notch. We first started working with DemandBlue when we needed to stand up our SF instance in a very quick turnaround time. Our team worked with us to meet our goal and has been a great partner ever since. Whenever we have a need, they are quick to provide solutions that work for us, and in our budget."

"We have been working with DemandBlue for a few years now to navigate the ebbs and flows in our resourcing demands. Having a lean Technology Team focused across many salesforce products, we lean heavily on DemandBlue at times when we are over our resource capacity with other projects, or billable client work (due to our agency backbone). Their ability to jump in and assist at a moment’s notice is highly valuable and allows myself, who leads product and technology, to focus more on driving our technology evolution where I know I have a pool of resources to pull from. Highly recommend DemandBlue and their On Demand model, as well as their commitment to a dedicated Success Manager who stays current with our stack, allowing them to jump in quickly to solve challenges."

"DemandBlue takes the time to know and understand your org. This is invaluable when relaying issues or project goals. On the occasions that more information or detail was needed, DemandBlue quickly schedules a meeting so delays are minimized. We have been very pleased with the quality of work and service we have received!"

"DemandBlue has been an excellent partner for us during our Org Consolidation, providing us excellent service at an affordable/economic rate. From our discovery phase, into the build phase, and throughout the validation phase, DemandBlue has demonstrated a tremendous attention to detail. Their knowledge & expertise in the platform has been visible throughout the entire process. When they did not have an immediate answer, they would defer to the experts on their teams to get an answer. Lastly, I have greatly appreciated DemandBlue's flexibility. At times throughout our project, we have had to make changes, and DemandBlue has been able to handle them while staying on time with deliverables."

"I am very pleased to have DemandBlue as our solution/integration partner to implement projects involves Salesforce ecosystem. All the projects has been delivered on time and they are providing great support to the existing applications as well."

"Being a smaller organization having DemandBlue as our preferred on demand Salesforce partner has let us complete complex projects in a short amount of time."

"DemandBlue has been great to work with. They assigned a Customer Success Manager to support us with some data analytic objectives. The work submitted has been timely and meets the project scope. They are always open and receptive to feedback and revisions. We are still working on our deliverables, but the work thus far has been great."

Notable projects we wrapped up recently

Project Description About the Client
CPQ Implementation Based in New York, NS1 offers an intelligent DNS and traffic management platform for the most demanding, mission-critical applications on the Internet.
Grant Management Implementation Based in Los Angeles, California, QueensCare Health Centers is a renowned healthcare organization that provides primary, preventive, and acute care to all individuals, including adult and pediatric medical, dental, and vision care.
American Health Forum CPQ Integration Services Based in Chicago, IL, American Hospital Association is a national organization representing and serving all types of hospitals, healthcare networks, and their patients and communities.
Implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Mobile Connect Based in Michigan, Powerhouse Gyms International (Novi Fitness) is one of the top leaders in the fitness industry, offering high-quality fitness facilities and programs for enthusiasts.
Salesforce Deployment Based in Colorado, United States Olympic Committee supports and empowers America’s athletes and is driven to bring the very best of the United States of America to the world through sport.
Data Modeling Based in the United States, Performant Financial Corporation provides technology-enabled audit, recovery, and analytics services focusing on the healthcare payment integrity service industry.
Data Migration from Arculus to Composecure Based in Somerset, New Jersey, CompoSecure is a technology partner that offers payment, security, and authentication solutions, enabling people to access and use their financial and digital assets,
Teledyne LeCroy Development of Max Potential chart in TCRM Based in Thousand Oaks, CA, Teledyne Technologies Incorporated is a leading provider of sophisticated electronic components, instruments & communications products, including defense electronics, data acquisition & communications equipment for airlines and business aircraft, etc.

Customer Acquisitions

DemandBlue follows a customer-centric culture to elevate the brand value of each customer. We kick-started this year with a few notable acquisitions who fell in love with our customized Salesforce services and expertise. Here is a list of our most recent clients.


  • Based in Philadelphia, PA, Almo Corporation is a unique national distributor of Major Appliances, Luxury Appliances, Consumer Electronics, and Professional AV Equipment.
  • Based in Exton, PA, Education Management Solutions Inc is a pioneer in integrated simulation management, skills evaluation software, and audio-video technology that helps enhance teaching and learning and share the common goal of striving for positive clinical outcomes.
  • Based in St. Louis, MO, The Mission Continues is a nonpartisan nonprofit that deploys veteran volunteers alongside nonprofit partners and community leaders to improve educational resources, increase access to parks and green spaces, foster neighborhood identity, and more.
  • Based in San Francisco, California, AppOmni Inc is a leading SaaS Security Management software provider that enables security and IT teams to scan and secure their SaaS ecosystems continuously.
  • Based in Sausalito, CA, NatureBridge is a nonprofit organization that provides hands-on environmental science programs for children from underserved communities and offers culturally relevant and transformative experiences in their national parks.
  • Based in Annapolis, MD, Realterm is an independent global investment manager focused on the transportation industry. They acquire, develop, finance, and manage differentiated real estate and infrastructure assets serving the land, air, sea, and rail networks in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
  • Based in Reston, VA, Echo360, Inc is an e-learning provider that provides interactive video learning management, content, engagement, and assessment platform serving over 2 million learners and instructors at more than 1200 higher education institutions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.
  • Based in Saint Louis, MO, Jost Chemical Co is an FDA Registered manufacturer of high-purity inorganic specialty chemicals and minerals.
  • Based in Mississauga, ON, Rodan Energy Solutions Inc is a leading North American provider of DER asset optimization, demand response, and energy intelligence solutions that deliver industry-leading technology to effectively manage and optimize distributed energy resources, battery energy storage, and microgrids.
  • Based in California, United States, The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences is a music recording company established to cultivate understanding, appreciation, and advancement of the contribution of recorded music to American culture.
  • Based in Washington, DC, The Washington Post is an award-winning newspaper publishing company whose mission is to connect, inform, and enlighten local, national, and global readers with trustworthy reporting, in-depth analysis, and engaging opinions.
  • Based in Cambridge, MA, Life Science Nation is a business consulting and services company that created a funding and partnering platform for early-stage life science companies in biotech, MedTech, diagnostics, and digital health that is unique to the industry.
  • Based in Portland, OR, Performance Systems Integration is a leading facilities services provider that offers fire & life safety services to protect your organization's lives and assets.
  • Based in Des Plaines, Illinois, Cozzini Bros is a food and beverage manufacturer offering commercial knife rental and sharpening services for over 55,000+ customers, including some of the largest and most recognizable restaurant and grocery chains in the United States.


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