July 2022
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Hi, I’m Blu! And I’m super thrilled to meet you all again and share these phenomenal updates. Our last three months have been truly engaging with DemandBlue participating in several events and webinars. As we are halfway through the year, we’ve added a long list of enterprise clients to our family and have partnered with several industry-leading tech giants. The last quarter has been exciting and eventful for the entire team at DemandBlue. And we anticipate that the upcoming quarter will be just as amazing.

Here's the latest from DemandBlue. All the recent news, project announcements, and updates served with a healthy dose of fun. Happy reading!

Mogli SMS Partner Webinar

Join DemandBlue and our partner’s at MogliSMS on July 27th at 11:30 AM CDT for this demonstration on utilizing SMS conversations to keep constituents engaged.

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Here is what our customers have to say about our work

Customer success and customer satisfaction are etched in our motto. Kudos to the entire DemandBlue team for keeping this culture going strong. Our team is proud to collaborate and work for the success of our customers, who helped us innovate, revolutionize, and excel. We are delighted to share a few of our customer appreciations here.

  • “I'm very pleased with this project. The scope was created accurately, and the project was delivered timely and on budget.”

  • “I appreciate Evan and the team. Evan brings the right resources to our initiative. The DemandBlue model allows us to scale for our projects needs quickly and when completed, the resources move off— saving thousands of dollars. DemandBlue has shown to be a great partner to fill gaps in my team resources. Very happy with their performance.”

  • “Our partners are committed to ensuring they exceeded our expectations for the project. We had a very short time frame in which we asked them to produce significant results, and we were very pleased with the outcome. As they helped us move into production, they were available to walk us through any concerns and enhancement requests in an efficient manner. ”

  • "As an organization, this deployment has been a long time coming and a critical upgrade in functionality given the evolving business model. Not only did we leverage the development skills from DemandBlue, but also the project management methodology that ensured we had the best chance to be successful for the deployment."

  • "DemandBlue is nimble and takes the time to answer our questions while ensuring that our deliverables meet timelines."

  • “DemandBlue provided tools to track progress, communicated effectively, and managed the project very well.”

  • “DemandBlue has been an incredibly valuable partner. Their on-demand resource model allows us a great deal of flexibility and scalability in our day-to-day operations. They work with you to understand your business and deliver quality solutions with user experience in mind.”

  • “Our experience has been very positive, and we are very happy to have access to the knowledge, expertise, services, and support offered by DemandBlue.”

  • “DemandBlue took the time to understand how we use Salesforce, which is not necessarily out-of-the-box. Work has been done quickly and next steps clearly stated.”

  • “Detailed, organized, overall a great partner to help take your automation with SF to the next level.”

  • "They are friendly and well informed. They helped us find gaps in our processes and setup we didn't even know we had."

  • “Excellent Salesforce partner. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Always available to help troubleshoot Salesforce issues and integrations.”

  • “Working with DemandBlue is great. As a nonprofit with limited staff resources, we know we can rely on DemandBlue to help us find the right solutions and systems to maintain data integrity and efficiency.”

  • “We use DemandBlue’s ODS to maintain the health of our Salesforce.org and engage them on projects for which we have neither internal capacity nor expertise. In addition to the proactive monitoring of Salesforce changes for impacts upon our org, they have a deep bench that we regularly engage to tackle both declarative and apex solutions. Both their project and account management are second to none and I highly recommend them to small shops that would otherwise struggle to keep pace with the business. They have also helped us “right-size” our internal team and continue to be an excellent partner even after years of engagement.”

  • “The engagement model has been perfect for us. Because we are an SMB, we often do not have the ongoing demand to require larger or long-term engagements. DemandBlue has been a trusted partner for us.”

  • “The DB Team is very responsive to all our questions and concerns.”

Notable projects we wrapped up recently

At DemandBlue, we treat every project as a unique opportunity to innovate and excel. The routine implementations, configurations, and integrations make up for a major portion of our work. Here is a list of some projects that have been a little bit more interesting and probably brought in some sense of novelty.

Project Description About the Client
Create physician records for the protocol group in Administration. A global healthcare research and communication company that offers clinical enrollment, retention services, site support, reporting to mid-sized biotech and enterprise pharmacies.
Convert existing methods to find food to NPSP Project Management Module. A nonprofit food community organization that helps to solve hunger relief, poverty, and saves millions of individuals across regions.
Tableau Visualizations – 35 Reports A clinical diagnostic company that offers tools and solutions for central labs, clinical testing laboratories, and CROs to amplify diagnostic instruments’ quality and reliability.
Opportunity Record Enhancements A California-based largest automobile museum that features a collection of cars and motorcycles with popular notoriety.

DemandBlue’s New Customer Acquisitions

DemandBlue offers unique brand value due to our customer-centric culture and in-depth expertise on all things Salesforce. We started off this year by continuing to acquire clients who fell in love with our innovative On Demand engagement model and expertise. Here is a snapshot of our most recent customers.

  • Based in Sunnyvale, California, the client is a leading Aviation and Aerospace component manufacturing company specializing in modeling and simulation of helicopters and rotorcraft.
  • Based in Austin, Texas, the client is a nonprofit medical specialty organization with 9,500+ member physicians who helps to serve as a medical home for patients of all ages across Texas, Washington D.C, Virgin Islands.
  • Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the client is an IoT and Advertising company offering Sign displays with relevant content from the community, national brands, and local advertisers that connect the neighborhood and city.
  • Based in Bloomfield, New Jersey, the client is a leading financial service provider offering Mortgage funding to elder Americans to fulfill their well-deserved retirements.
  • Based in Middleton, Pennsylvania, the client is a Wellness and Fitness service company offering aquatic therapy equipment such as underwater treadmills and resistance therapy jets to global customers.
  • Based in Somerset, New Jersey, the client is a leading Industrial Machinery manufacturing company that provides the design and manufacturing of premium financial cards across states to establish metal card experience.
  • Based in Kitchener, Canada, the client is a leading E-learning provider for global learners through a unified learning management system. They provide products and services supported by millions of learners online and in-person.
  • Based in Los Angeles, California, the client is a nonprofit healthcare service provider offering a wide range of programs and health services throughout Los Angeles County.

Partner Updates

DemandBlue is proud to partner with PICnet—the company behind Soapbox Engage—an innovative tool for the nonprofit and socially responsible business sectors. From fundraising to advocacy, Soapbox Engage apps are here to help organizations shine! DemandBlue is excited for our nonprofit clients to utilize this compelling set of engagement tools from Soapbox to deliver ridiculously awesome online engagement solutions for organizations. It’s time to change the world, one integration at a time!

DemandBlue is proud to be part of Jitterbit’s App Builder Early Adopter Program, exclusively offered to their leading industry partners in the ecosystem. App Builder provides an easy-to-use visual application builder with drag-and-drop capabilities, minimizing the need for coding. Customers can easily build user-facing, business applications based on automations already created in Harmony. With Harmony’s API Manager serving as a built-in connector, data can flow continuously between App Builder and an organization’s APIs exposed within the platform.

App Builder is a low-code application development tool that helps organizations rapidly build, deploy, and maintain web and mobile-based applications. App Builder is a seamless extension of Harmony, enabling developers and non-developers alike to build business applications without custom coding and accelerate application development up to 10x faster.

Events Roundup

Team DemandBlue had a fantastic time in Texas during Texas Dreamin’22. We loved seeing our entire Trailblazer community from all over the state. We were excited to mix up sprinkled doughnuts, business talks, and our Salesforce offerings to prospects.

Nonprofit Summit

DemandBlue sponsored Salesforce's grand Nonprofit Summit 2022, featuring a panel of notable speakers and trailblazers who shared incredible and inspiring stories. With 50+ sessions filled with impactful findings and resources, the virtual event turned out to be an opportunity to learn how to transform and drive nonprofit organizations digitally.

Customer Sales Event at Seattle Mariners

DemandBlue hosted a group of prospective clients and the Salesforce Revenue Cloud team at a Mariner's baseball game in Seattle. The team had an interactive discussion on how Revenue Cloud helps businesses to align sales and operations to fast-track revenue growth.

Salesforce.org UNITE Partner Summit

Arturo Ordoqui, our Nonprofit Practice Head, represented DemandBlue in the Salesforce.org UNITE Partner Summit where he discussed how nonprofits and educational organizations can benefit from the power of Salesforce platform. He recently tweeted about his experience with Salesforce.org and how he had fun participating in collaborative conversations.


Nonprofit Partner Advisory Board

We are delighted to share that the Salesforce.org partner team has requested Arturo Ordoqui, our Nonprofit Practice Head, to be part of the Nonprofit Cloud Partner Advisory Board. We wholeheartedly congratulate him and believe that he will continue to make significant contributions to the Nonprofit Cloud product.


Our VP of Cloud Practice, Selva Pandian and Nonprofit Practice Head, Arturo Ordoqui visited our Indian HQ and had an amazing time . They explored the famous spots in Chennai and had several memorable and yummy lunch gatherings with DemandBlue’s APAC team!

Team DemandBlue met Thomas James Homes, a great client for whom we have done many successful Salesforce implementations. Engaging with clients in-person is a key way Team DemandBlue continues to nurture our relationships. We shared insights about our collaborative journey together with Salesforce.

Team DemandBlue Nonprofit CSM, Gregory Denizard, had great time meeting the Trailblazers community at Salesforce World Tour in NYC in June. It was a special occasion and we loved connecting with nonprofit clients like ours at New York Blood Centre (NYBC) to chat about how Salesforce empowers and brings success to organizations.

Salesforce announces Dreamforce 2022

Dreamforce is back! We're excited to be a part of this biggest tech event of the year. Join us and meet our expert team in-person at San Fransico, CA this September (20th - 22nd) to learn more about Accelerators for Professional Services and Marketing Cloud.

We’d love to see you at Dreamforce for a quick meetup!

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