July 2023
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Hello, I’m Blu! It's wonderful to be back with all of you to share several exciting updates for the third quarter. We've had another remarkable period filled with outstanding achievements and positive customer interactions. We are thrilled to announce that our happy family has grown even larger as we welcomed new clients. Moreover, we had the privilege of collaborating with several renowned technology-driven companies, which has been a fantastic experience. As we step into the next quarter, we eagerly anticipate incredible moments for our entire team and, of course, for you, our valued supporters.

In this newsletter, we will provide a brief overview of highlights and noteworthy accomplishments during this period. Enjoy reading!

Words of Praise: See why our customers love our work

“DemandBlue has been great to work with. They have a strong understanding of Salesforce and are able to take our business requirements and turn them into working solutions. They are also able to turn around projects in a timely manner without risking a loss of quality in the work.”

“DemandBlue's On Demand resource model helps us out when we are faced with the ebbs and flows of business when we need to staff up for a certain period of time, or have resources that are maxed out and need to shift work. The dedicated CSM is the conduit for this work, and DemandBlue does a great job keeping that resource integrated with us so they can jump in at a moment's notice when we have a new request to action.”

“We are highly pleased with the overall service DemandBlue provides for Salesforce, Analytics, and Integration. The knowledge and expertise that DemandBlues resources possess in those areas are genuinely outstanding. Our Customer Success Manager's ability to understand our specific requirement and his excellent management skills, combined with his knowledge of our business needs, played a crucial role in the successful implementation.”

“I am thrilled to share my experience with DemandBlue, a company that has truly exceeded my expectations. From the very beginning, their team demonstrated professionalism, deep knowledge, and a genuine commitment to understanding our unique business needs. Furthermore, their commitment to ongoing support has been remarkable. Even after the implementation phase, they have been responsive to any issues that have arisen and have promptly addressed them. I would highly recommend Demand Blue!”

“We have been using DemandBlue for nearly three years and thoroughly enjoyed the professional services they render to manage our Salesforce platform.”

“DemandBlue has been great! Their CSM is very informative, responsive, and follows up on every project. They come up with effective solutions and detailed plans of action to make everything easily digestible and approachable. Highly recommend them to anyone in need of Salesforce assistance!”

“The partner is very communicative, knowledgeable, reliable, and a true business partner desiring for our organization to have a successful outcome. We look forward to continued work with DemandBlue. Our Customer Success Manager is a pleasure to work with.”

“The delivery team at DemandBlue has helped us out with several "interesting" items we have to operate our business. They always seem to find someone on their team that can solve just about anything.”

“I would inform prospective clients that this Salesforce partner is very diligent about consistent updates and follow-ups with projects. They have helped us tremendously in regards to being project managers and helping keep us on track to complete work that we may lose sight of while balancing others.”

“Reliable, knowledgeable, proactive, and trustworthy.”

“DemandBlue’s teams are professional, exceptional experts who not only assist with administrative tasks and support but also handle projects from A to Z that involve complexity and innovation.”

Customer Acquisitions

Exciting updates are here! DemandBlue proudly announces its important customer acquisitions in the latest quarter, solidifying our position as a leading force in the Salesforce ecosystem. With unwavering determination and unrivaled expertise, we have forged powerful alliances with prestigious industry titans. From global powerhouses to disruptive innovators, our expanding client roster reflects the trust placed in our transformative solutions. Together, we have propelled digital transformation, revolutionized processes, and unlocked unparalleled success. As we continue to soar to new heights, DemandBlue empowers businesses worldwide with Salesforce excellence. Stay tuned for more game-changing achievements on the horizon

  • Based in Freeport, Florida, Alaqua Animal Refuge is a compassionate organization dedicated to providing sanctuary and care for homeless animals, promoting their well-being, and finding them loving homes.
  • Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Micronics, Inc is an industry-leading provider of innovative filtration solutions, empowering businesses worldwide to optimize their processes and achieve superior results.
  • Based in Fort Myers, Florida, Florida Structural Group, is a trusted leader in the construction industry, specializing in high-quality structural engineering services and delivering exceptional projects across diverse sectors.
  • Based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Learning, is a pioneering education technology company that revolutionizes learning through adaptive software and data-driven insights to consistently empower students and educators to excel.
  • Based in Portland, Oregon, Performance Systems Integration is a premier provider of comprehensive fire and life safety solutions that ensures the safety and security of businesses with state-of-the-art systems and expert services.
  • Based in Santa Barbara, California, Curvature is a global leader in IT asset lifecycle management that delivers innovative solutions that maximize efficiency, optimize technology investments, and drive business success.

Marketing Roundup

Driving Success: Seneca College's Journey with DemandBlue

Discover the transformative power of DemandBlue's partnership with Seneca College in our latest testimonial video. We leveraged our expertise to revolutionize Seneca College's Salesforce, which resulted in remarkable improvements across various areas. Our tailored solutions significantly enhanced user adoption so that every stakeholder embraced the platform. Augmented self-service channel usage with knowledge base article access rising by 80% and chatbot usage by 147%. Through meticulous data management, we achieved unparalleled accuracy, enabling Seneca College to make informed decisions based on reliable information. Moreover, our strategies propelled student engagement to new heights, which created a dynamic learning environment. As administrative workflows were streamlined, valuable time and resources were saved. Experience the success story of Seneca College with DemandBlue by watching the testimonial video.

Discover the All-New DemandBlue AppExchange Profile

Attention Salesforce enthusiasts! We're thrilled to present DemandBlue's revamped AppExchange profile. Explore our updated portfolio, which features enhanced solutions, and supercharge your Salesforce engine. From personalized automation to seamless integration, DemandBlue will help you revolutionize how you do business. Don't wait; check out our AppExchange listing today and experience the next level of Salesforce excellence with DemandBlue.

Events Roundup

Vince's Volunteering Adventure: Fun-Filled Day with Salesforce Account Executives

DemandBlue's Vice President of Sales, Vince Burns, recently attended Salesforce's Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program and spent a day volunteering on a farm alongside Salesforce Account Executives. The event was filled with fun activities, and we captured memorable moments in some delightful pictures.

Unforgettable Evening at the Salesforce Toronto AE Dinner

We had an incredible evening at the Salesforce Toronto AE Dinner, where industry professionals and Account Executives came together for a night of networking and collaboration. The event provided a platform to exchange ideas and build meaningful connections within the Salesforce community.

Showcasing Expertise: DemandBlue Shines at Salesforce MC2 Pune

Team DemandBlue had a fantastic presence at the Salesforce MC2 Pune event, showcasing our expertise and engaging with fellow professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem. It was a valuable opportunity to exchange knowledge, foster collaboration, and strengthen our commitment to delivering innovative solutions.

DemandBlue's Prominent Presence at Texas Dreamin' 2023: Insights and Updates

We are thrilled to share that DemandBlue had a prominent presence at the highly esteemed Texas Dreamin' 2023 conference. Our distinguished team members, Vince Burns, and Miles Sims, actively participated in this prestigious event, making valuable contributions and sharing their expertise. They had the opportunity to network with industry leaders, exchange insights, and gain firsthand knowledge of the latest trends in the Salesforce ecosystem. Here are some exciting updates and insights from their remarkable experiences at Texas Dreamin' 2023!

Nurturing Collaboration and Empathy: A Lunch Meeting with a Notable Organization Supporting Children

DemandBlue's Arun Govindan had a lunch meeting with a notable organization dedicated to supporting children through their challenging personal circumstances. Excitement filled the air as they expressed satisfaction with our ODS engagement model and anticipated further collaboration in the upcoming months.

Strengthening Healthcare Partnerships: Delightful Lunch Meeting with Key Representatives

DemandBlue's Arun Govindan, Selva Pandian, and Vince Burns had a delightful lunch meeting with key representatives from an esteemed organization dedicated to providing vital healthcare services to those in need. They expressed their satisfaction with our ODS team's performance and eagerly anticipated further collaboration and engagement in the months ahead. Here is a snapshot of the meeting.

Electrifying Debut: Arun Govindan's Lunch Meeting with a Senior Technology Director

DemandBlue's Arun Govindan had an exhilarating lunch meeting with the Senior Technology Director of a prominent business specializing in technology solutions. The energy was palpable as they discussed the upcoming launch of our cutting-edge app at a major Chicago Conference. Stay tuned for an electrifying debut that will leave attendees buzzing with excitement and revolutionize the conference experience!

Sparking Synergy: Exceptional Meeting with a Prominent Financial Services Company

Arun, Sunil, and Athith had an exceptional meeting with a prominent financial services company, where they shared valuable insights and solutions. The meeting between DemandBlue and the distinguished financial services firm sparked a promising synergy, setting the stage for a dynamic and mutually beneficial partnership.

Fostering Innovation: Quality Time with Esteemed Real Estate Industry Partner

It was an absolute delight for the DemandBlue team to spend quality time with our esteemed real estate industry partner, known for their global network of top-notch real estate professionals. The meeting was filled with productive discussions, fostering a stronger alliance and opening doors to innovative solutions for the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

DemandBlue's Exceptional Meeting with a Global Tire and Wheel Manufacturer

DemandBlue's meeting with a leading global manufacturer of industrial tires and wheels was nothing short of exceptional. The discussions were filled with strategic insights and collaborative ideas, strengthening the partnership and paving the way for revolutionary solutions to optimize their manufacturing processes.

Inspiring Education Transformation: Engaging Session with an Innovative Canadian EdTech Company

DemandBlue's meeting with an innovative Canadian education technology company inspired and motivated everyone. The engaging session sparked synergistic discussions and showcased the potential for transformative digital learning solutions, and reinforced the strong partnership between both organizations.

Celebrating 50 Years of Equality: Honoring an Inspiring Organization at #TheWorkingLunch Event

DemandBlue proudly celebrates an inspiring organization's milestone, commemorating 50 years of challenging conventions and promoting gender equality at their #TheWorkingLunch event. We are honored to be part of this moment, standing in solidarity with their mission to create a more inclusive and equitable working world.

Salesforce Sensation: A High-Octane Adventure at the Dubai 2023 World Tour Essentials Extravaganza!

The Salesforce World Tour Essentials event in Dubai 2023 was a resounding success, leaving DemandBlue's Chief Marketing Officer, Muthukumar Ramalingam, Director of Strategic Client Partners, Madhan PR, and Program Manager for Salesforce Marketing Technologies and Analytics, Lokesh Rekapalli, with a remarkable experience. This event served as a platform for industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to converge and delve into the cutting-edge trends and innovations within the Salesforce ecosystem. The event showcased the latest advancements in Salesforce technology, including updates on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, Einstein AI capabilities, and Lightning Web Components. With its vibrant atmosphere and the presence of top Salesforce professionals, the event proved to be a valuable opportunity for networking, collaboration, and gaining insights into the Salesforce ecosystem's direction.

Partner Updates

Do you sell Complex Products? You Might Benefit from Threekit's Visual Commerce Platform

Introducing our partners at Threekit Visual Commerce. If you're looking to sell more through digital channels but have a highly configurable product, you should consider a conversation with their team. Manufacturers like Sloan, Hyster Yale, and Ryobi work with Threekit to make it easier for buyers to navigate, visual configure, price, and buy your product. Learn more about Threekit here: 3D Product Configurator & AR For Commerce.

Logik.io Skyrockets: Fueling the Future with $16 Million Series A Funding!

DemandBlue is delighted to share the exciting news that Logik.io, our valued partner, has raised an impressive $16 million in its series A funding round. This significant milestone reflects the confidence and support Logik.io has garnered for its innovative sales simplification solutions. Congratulations to Logik.io on this remarkable achievement, and we look forward to continued success together.

DemandBlue and Celigo Integration Tour 2023 Unveils Unforgettable Moments of Partnership and Fun

DemandBlue's VP, Vince Burns, had a fantastic time hanging out with the amazing team from our partner company, Celigo, for the Celigo Integration Tour 2023. The meetup was filled with laughter, collaboration, and some awesome photo moments capturing the fun-filled atmosphere. Here is a sneak peek at these memorable snapshots, showcasing the strong partnership and camaraderie between DemandBlue and Celigo.

Reaching new Heights: DemandBlue is now a Salesforce Summit Partner

In case you missed it, we are overjoyed to share that DemandBlue has achieved the esteemed Salesforce Summit Partnership! This remarkable milestone is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional Salesforce solutions and driving success for our clients. This partnership solidifies our position as a trusted leader in the Salesforce ecosystem. It reinforces our dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We are immensely proud of this accomplishment and look forward to leveraging our enhanced capabilities to fuel the growth and success of our valued clients.

Trailblazing Towards Equality: Nomination for Secretary of Salesforce.org Partner Equality Committee!

We congratulate Ms. Sindhuja Ram on her well-deserved re-election as the Salesforce.org Partner Equality Committee Secretary for Salesforce FY24! Her dedication and leadership in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within the partner ecosystem are truly commendable. We are honored to have her as part of the DemandBlue team, and we look forward to supporting her efforts in creating a more inclusive and equal environment within the Salesforce community. Cheers to Sindhuja's success and continued impact!

Dreamforce 2023: Innovation, Inspiration, and Endless Possibilities. Meet us there!

Save the dates! Dreamforce, the ultimate Salesforce event, is just around the corner. DemandBlue is thrilled to attend the event, and we can't wait to meet you there. Join us from September 12 – 14 for an unforgettable experience of innovation, inspiration, and endless possibilities. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details. We can't wait to connect with you there!


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