October 2023
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DemandBlue's Quarterly NewsletterDemandBlue's Quarterly Newsletter

Blu’s greetings! Cheers to a jolly holiday season ahead! We wish you a grand end to the season as we look back at an action-packed fall here at DemandBlue. With each passing quarter, our commitment to provide you with the best value remains intact. Here are the latest trends, insights, and event updates from our industry, along with what's new at DemandBlue.

DemandBlue's Quarterly NewsletterDemandBlue's Quarterly Newsletter

Events Roundup

Dreamforce – the Who, What and When


Caught in the act! DemandBlue's team, usually seen brainstorming business strategies, are now letting loose at Dreamforce 2023. With wide grins and high spirits, look how we dive into the world of AI - proving that tech events can be just as thrilling as a roller-coaster ride!

Dreamforce 2023, the year's largest CRM + AI event, took place from September 12 to 14 in San Francisco, and DemandBlue was in the midst of it all. Our Vice President of Cloud Practice, Selva Pandian, and Customer Success Executive, Charanya Manoharan, led a compelling session on Salesforce release management best practices. They captivated an audience of industry experts from around the world.

Key Takeaways of Dreamforce 2023

  • Einstein 1 platform: Combines Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and Salesforce's metadata framework for easier AI-driven apps.
  • Einstein 1 Copilot: A conversational AI assistant for natural language queries.
  • Free Data Cloud and Tableau access: Enterprise and unlimited customers gain free access, consolidating 10,000 profiles and two Tableau creator licenses.
  • AI for Core Clouds: AI enhancements across core clouds (Sales, Service, Marketing).
  • Generative AI: Personalizes experiences and boosts productivity.
  • Architectural developments: B2C Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud join as core platforms.
  • AI and Data keynote: Demonstrates AI's role in business transformation.
  • Slack keynote: Introduces AI-driven tools for smarter, inclusive work.
  • Admin preview: Introduces AI-driven tools for smarter, inclusive work.

Boomi World Tour


DemandBlue is proud to announce our active participation in the 2023 Boomi World Tour. Sreekumar Radhakrishnan, our Sales Vice President, and TC Govindaswaami, Vice President of Enterprise Integration, attended the informative sessions. The event, primarily centered around the transformative power of AI and customer engagements, provided us with valuable insights and opportunities to harness the power of cutting-edge technology.

Client Success

The Stellar Success of ATI's Salesforce – Mulesoft Integration

DemandBlue successfully completed a challenging ERP project for ATI, working closely with DemandDynamics and Enterprise Integration teams within the PreludeSys family of companies. Our team's leadership and efficiency enabled us to finish the project in just five months.


Empowering "The Mission Continues"

DemandBlue transformed the way a non-profit organization, "The Mission Continues," operates. Through a user-friendly mobile app integrated with Salesforce Experience Cloud & Marketing Cloud, we've improved decision-making, communication, and user experience with real-time data and our on-demand services.


Customer Acquisitions


  • Based in Laguna, California, The City of Laguna Beach Recreation Division is a prominent community service provider. It designs creative programs and offers diverse services to promote an active lifestyle, and foster community spirit for both residents and visitors.
  • Based in Mountain View, California, WeVideo is cloud-based editing platform that allows users to create professional-grade videos, podcasts, and beyond, truly transforming the landscape of storytelling and content creation.
  • Based in Torrance, California, Canoo is a trailblazer in engineering electric vehicles, leading the global shift towards sustainable automotive energy. Their innovative designs are shaping the future of environmentally-friendly transportation.
  • Based in Wichita, Kansas, IMA Financial Group, is a unified financial services firm dedicated to safeguarding the assets of its diverse clientele. With a comprehensive approach, we focus on delivering solutions that ensure the financial stability of our client.
  • Based in San Francisco bay Area, On Lok is a community-based organization, working closely with our community partners to improve policy and innovate senior services.
  • Based in Granby, Connecticut, Infinity Financial Strategies, LLC, is a registered investment adviser. They serve as a personalized financial advisor, offering tailored advisory services.
  • Based in Sacramento, California, Rand Worldwide is a frontrunner in delivering technology solutions. Their professional services assist innovative companies in digitally transforming their design processes.
  • Based in Indianapolis, Allied Automation Inc., excels in industrial manufacturing automation leveraging their engineering skills and collaborates with leading brands to create tailored solutions.
  • Based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, Education Management Solution delivers high-quality healthcare simulation software and medical simulation software, tailored specifically to meet the distinct needs of healthcare training environment.

Partner Power



To learn more about Delphix, reach out to our VP of Data, Analytics and Intelligence:

Kumar Vellore

PreludeSys and Delphix signed the partnership to provide Professional Services, Solutioning and Resell of Delphix licenses for both Data Virtualization and Data Compliance. This strategic partnership with Delphix further strengthens the foundation of the Data and Analytics practice to provide fast, secure and reliable data for customers.

The partnership kick started in Irvine, CA the first week in September between the leaders of both organizations. Since then, PreludeSys has significantly invested on Delphix technology, trained, certified more than a dozen Delphix SMEs across Lead Gen, Sales, Marketing and Deliver teams both in US and India.

As a result, PreludeSys identified and registered more than a dozen prospective Sales deals just in the last two months. The investment in Delphix technology naturally aligns with the existing Microsoft and Salesforce partnership as Delphix offers “Data Compliance As A Service” in the Fabric Unified Platform. With Salesforce, Delphix creates fast, automated data compliance lower environments to accelerate production releases.

This strategic alignment with Microsoft, Salesforce and Delphix weaves the digital future for our customers, creating a seamless tapestry of innovation, reliability, and new opportunities. The unified vendor integration enables us to tailor solutions as unique as our customers, ensuring they thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Salesforce Partner Champion

Sales Champions create a unique sales presentation around one of their existing Salesforce wins that demonstrates their expertise and provides a strong go-to-market message, with a Why Change, Why Now, Why Salesforce & Why the Partner to accelerate pipeline development, solve our customers’ business challenges and land bigger projects, faster.

Congratulations to our latest AMER Sales Champions, Sunil Kumar Andrews Katuri and Carmen Savage, who have demonstrated sales leadership in the Salesforce partner ecosystem, driving digital transformations across industry and horizontal challenges.


Let’s hear their first-hand experience,

carmen “The Salesforce Partner Champion program has been an excellent investment in my professional development. It provided a comprehensive education in Salesforce products, sales strategies, and industry-specific knowledge, enabling me to better serve my clients and drive success in the Salesforce ecosystem” - Carmen Savage, Account Manager.

sunil "It was a valuable learning experience to witness how Salesforce conducts its sales operations. One of the most eye-opening realizations was that the greatest competition isn't necessarily from other companies but rather stems from the customers' choice to maintain the status quo and endure existing challenges. This insight is fascinating as it can be applied not only in the business world but also in various aspects of life in general." - Sunil Kumar Andrews Katuri, Business Development Manager.

Fun Zone


As we continue to help industries explore the vast landscape of technology, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to leverage the transformative power of AI and customer engagements.

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