DemandBlue automated the client’s account ownership process by implementing Territory Management within Salesforce


About the Client

The client is a leading biotechnology research firm in U.S. providing advanced precision medicine by identifying patients’ unique diseases and offering effective therapies to autoimmune patients.


  • DemandBlue team implemented Territory Management to automate the manual process of assigning account owners to respective accounts in Salesforce.
  • Configured zip code-based territory assignment in Salesforce to assign account managers subject to their specific territories. So, whenever an account is created or updated, the account owner details will be automatically populated based on zip codes.
  • Automated the bulk assignments of account managers to accounts and zip code assignments using ETL tool.
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  • A simpler, automated assignment process reduced complexity and improved operational efficiency.
  • Eliminated the risk of manual errors and saved time.
  • Improved employee satisfaction and increased account growth

Salesforce: Sales Cloud
Technologies: Apex, Flows