DemandBlue automates referring physician assignment workflow with a dynamic user experience.


About the Client

The client is a global clinical trial enrollment company that provides fact-based patient recruitment solutions.  


The client’s physician records were not available on their Salesforce environment, so the users had to manually check for the physician across multiple systems, increasing the time spent on validating physician records. They sought DemandBlue’s help to optimize and automate the process to reduce the time spent manually checking the records.


  • DemandBlue’s Salesforce experts understood the existing process and users’ challenges while accessing records.
  • Our team developed a dynamic UI enabling users to select physicians from different systems using various criteria that meet their needs.
  • We used declarative tools in the Salesforce platform to achieve automation and improve user experience, making the extension and maintenance easier for the customer.
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  • DemandBlue’s solution helped the users to select physicians in a single dynamic user interface, thereby improving the user experience.
  • The new dynamic UI reduced the time taken to process and validate physician records.
  • Our solution improved access control protocols to provide authorized access to the physician records to different user groups based on their user privileges.

Salesforce: Sales Cloud
Technologies: Flows