Best Practices to Drive Salesforce Adoption – Post Implementation

Your organization has implemented Salesforce and you are excited to have created a perfect Salesforce solution for your team. You have imported all the data, customized the Salesforce instance and improved features pertaining to the stakeholder requirements. You have even customized the reports and created amazing dashboards. Full of confidence and keen on sharing your new expertise, you roll it out to your team and expect to hear that productivity has hit an all-time high, but you hear cribbing instead.

So what went wrong?

It doesn’t matter how great your Salesforce solution is if your end-users won’t use it. It does not suffice if you just provide your team with an awesome app, you need to support them throughout the entire journey and give them a strong reason to adopt it. You need to carefully map the rollout strategy as precisely as you planned the implementation.

This Whitepaper gives you a broad overview of the top challenges in Salesforce Adoption and some of the best practices to boost Salesforce user adoption – Post implementation.
It doesn’t matter how amazing your Salesforce solution is if your end users won’t use it
Discover the top secrets to drive Salesforce User adoption post implementation