DemandBlue assists a leading biotech company in organizational transformation by integrating their existing Salesforce environments


About the Client

The client is a prominent US-based nonprofit organization that helps veterans use their skills to address community challenges and discover a purpose in life beyond their military service.

Use Case:

Our client faced a significant challenge with two separate Salesforce Orgs. The post-merger situation could have adversely affected their business, from sales performance to their overall reputation. They approached DemandBlue to integrate their existing separate Salesforce Organization into a unified Salesforce Organization. A consolidated Salesforce Org eliminated data redundancy and seamlessly integrated existing processes. This transformation significantly reduced inconsistencies within the organizational structure and streamlined business processes.


Integration of the Salesforce Org brought about multiple benefits. It removed data redundancy, integrated processes, and reduced operational inconsistencies, leading to more productive business operations.


Consolidating Salesforce Environments for optimized business operations As the existing systems had different sets of customers pre-merger, DemandBlue consolidated the Salesforce Service Cloud, which centralized data and improved accessibility and customer support. We streamlined business outcomes by aligning accounts, harmonizing processes, and accommodating unique requirements for better performance. The data migration between the merging organizations eliminated redundancy and improved the client’s database management. In addition, we resolved process duplication issues, significantly reducing redundant internal and external user licenses in both merging organizations, all while refining their operations and saving time and costs.
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Salesforce: Service Cloud
Technologies: Biotech