DemandBlue develops a new mobile application for a US-based nonprofit organization that promotes veteran empowerment and community service.


About the Client

The client is a prominent US-based nonprofit organization that helps veterans use their skills to address community challenges and discover a purpose in life beyond their military service.

Use Case:

The client had a tough time using a portal that was hard to use and inefficient. It hindered volunteers from signing up for shifts, tracking their hours, and completing tasks, and led to reduced productivity and increased turnover. Consequently, the organization had to allocate substantial time and resources toward manual system interventions and troubleshooting, which resulted in elevated operational costs, posing a challenge to the organization’s overall success.   DemandBlue built a new portal using Salesforce Experience Cloud and leveraged Mobile Publisher to configure and deploy a new mobile application on iOS and Android platforms. The results increased volunteer productivity, reduced operational costs, improved organizational reputation, and helped retain valuable volunteers for better operations.


The mobile app seamlessly integrates with the Salesforce Experience Cloud, enhancing accessibility and user engagement while offering real-time data access. This leads to increased operational efficiency and better communication, ultimately nurturing customer relationships and fueling business growth.


Developed a user-friendly mobile application integrated with New Salesforce Experience Cloud template DemandBlue created a user-friendly mobile application and integrated it with the new Salesforce Experience Cloud template. This enhancement made the website more accessible, streamlined our client’s business operations, and bridged communication gaps between stakeholders. Our On-Demand Services provided significant benefits, enabling the client to pay only for the services they required, reducing the overall project cost. The mobile app offered instant, real-time access to essential organizational data, and empowered the client to make more data-driven, accurate and strategic decisions. In addition, the new mobile app greatly improved the user experience and enhanced organizational performance.
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