DemandBlue optimized client’s sales process to achieve better sales conversion rates.


About the Client

The client is a leading financial service provider offering alternative funding and merchant cash advances for Canadian businesses.  


  • Demandblue Team Optimized the sales process to measure and improve sales effectiveness for better revenue generation.
  • Set up a Sales path to help sales reps visualize the sales process and close potential deals faster.
  • Created Web-to-lead forms to capture visitor data and automatically store it in Salesforce, helping the business qualify and route leads to sales reps.
  • Implemented better lead generation and optimization strategies to capture quality leads to increase sales.
  • Enabled permission set to determine data access based on job roles.
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  • Achieved better sales conversion rates through optimization.
  • Automated data storage enabled the client to handle their leads, accounts, and opportunities in an organized way.

Salesforce: Sales Cloud
Technologies: Apex, Flows