DemandBlue Drives Efficiency and Empowers Insight: Streamlining Certificate Purchases for a Prestigious Academy Honoring Musicians


About the Client

Our client is a prestigious music recognition organization that celebrates and honors outstanding recording arts and sciences achievements. They organize prestigious award ceremonies that recognize excellence in the music industry.

The Business Challenge

Our client’s challenge was tracking nominees’ and winners’ purchase of nomination certificates through their website. The manual entry process was inefficient and lacked a centralized system for managing payments and certifications, resulting in confusion and limited reporting capabilities.


To address these challenges, DemandBlue implemented the following comprehensive solution.

  • Centralized Data Collection: We created a centralized data collection system using forms on their website. This allowed seamless integration between the forms submitted on the client’s website and their Salesforce environment.

  • Secure Payment Processing: By integrating Chargent—a payment processing solution—with Salesforce, we ensured secure and streamlined payment processing. This integration enabled the connection of payment information with the order form, providing a holistic view of each customer’s transaction history.

  • Enhanced Management and Reporting: The centralized system with Chargent payment processing, enabled efficient management of purchases. This also facilitated comprehensive tracking and reporting of payment and certification records, empowering the client with valuable insights into transaction status.

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DemandBlue’s solution has successfully transformed the certificate purchase process, driving efficiency, empowering insight, and quickly contributing to the client’s success.

  • Improved Efficiency: Nominees and winners can now purchase certificates securely and efficiently, eliminating the need for manual entry and saving valuable time and resources.

  • Enhanced Tracking and Reporting: The centralized system enabled the client to generate reports on pending or approved certifications quickly. The improved visibility empowers data-driven decision-making and optimizes resource allocation.

  • Seamless User Experience: The streamlined certificate purchase process ensures a seamless experience for nominees and winners, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Salesforce: Salesforce Experience Cloud
Technologies: Form Assembly, Chargent