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Our Key Capabilities in Einstein Prediction Builder

Data Analytics and Modeling

Expertise with complex business data, performing statistical analysis, and extracting meaningful insights.


Tailor prediction models to meet specific business needs and requirements.

Real-time Insights

Provide real-time insights and predictions for informed decision-making.


Handle large datasets and scale predictions to accommodate business growth.


Seamlessly integrate and transform data from diverse sources into the Salesforce ecosystem.


Automate prediction processes to improve efficiency and save time.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor and optimize prediction models for improved accuracy and performance.

Predictive modeling

Proficiency with machine learning techniques and predictive modeling to build accurate and reliable predictive models using the Prediction Builder.

Discover the power of AI in forecasting your Business’s future with DemandBlue

If you are a business looking to boost your BI and data analytics frameworks. In that case, DemandBlue leverages Salesforce’s Einstein Prediction Builder to help you effortlessly comprehend and analyze complex data, and build accurate predictive models to anticipate future outcomes within a few clicks.

DemandBlue specializes in implementing and integrating the Einstein Prediction Builder, offering expert guidance to ensure effortless setup and accurate predictions. By leveraging the power of the Einstein Prediction Builder, DemandBlue empowers businesses to become future-ready enterprises. Companies no longer need extensive workflows or specialized skill sets to predict and shape their success.

Embrace the No-Code way to generate your business predictions

DemandBlue guides businesses to leverage the powerful Einstein Prediction Builder for streamlined business intelligence. With seamless implementation and integration, we ensure Einstein Prediction Builder becomes integral to your existing workflows. Our team customizes and optimizes prediction models to align with your personalized business needs, delivering optimal performance and accurate predictions.

Through comprehensive training and ongoing support, we empower your team optimally utilize Einstein Prediction Builder for informed decision-making. With continuous monitoring and optimization, we ensure your prediction models evolve and improve over time, delivering superior results. Elevate your business intelligence with DemandBlue’s expertise.

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Linking Ad Studio to Sales Cloud and creating Ad Studio audiences was a lot more complicated than initially thought. This was the primary reason that drove us to seek out an on-demand partner that can help us navigate setting up new products as well as maintaining it. The team at DemandBlue was extremely knowledgeable about Ad Studio, and how it worked with all of the other Salesforce products. The business model of DemandBlue allowed us to customize how we engaged with a partner. We have in-house resources that are very familiar with certain parts of Salesforce, and DemandBlue was able to supplement that with their expertise in areas where we lacked resources. This was the perfect partner for us to implement Ad Studio.

Hear it from our customers

DemandBlue was committed to ensuring they exceeded our expectations

DemandBlue was committed to ensuring they exceeded our expectations for the project. We had a very short time frame in which we asked them to produce significant results, and we were very pleased with the outcome. In addition, as they helped us move into production, they were available to walk us through any concerns and enhancement requests efficiently.

Amy Terrones
Senior Business Analyst
Constellation Energy




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Stay ahead of the competition with AI powered business predictions with DemandBlue

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I reduce lengthy sales cycle & adoption periods?

DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud implementation expedites your lead-to-quote process, enabling reps to automate quote generation and close deals faster. Our solution has a guided selling feature that shortens your adoption period.

How to attain Sales success with Revenue Cloud?

A simplified and faster quoting process is significant to attain sales success. Our Revenue Cloud customization enables you to optimize quote approvals to improve collaboration, reduce churn, and maximize deals.

Why we need to automate quoting process?

At DemandBlue, we automate your tedious quoting process with Revenue Cloud implementation to help you maintain an efficient workflow that saves time, maximizes ROI, and sets your business up for sustainable growth.

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