Enhancing Donor Contributions with Personalized Text Messages


About the Client

The client needed to add personalized text messages to their existing marketing journeys, prompting donors to upgrade their contributions to support their causes. The client wanted to send a personalized SMS two weeks after sending the email request for an increase in the recurring donation amount, skipping those who had already obliged for the request. 

The Business Challenge

The client sought DemandBlue’s help to streamline its Salesforce CPQ product offerings, increase quote velocity, and improve user experience. Some of the specific challenges were: how best to leverage Advanced Approvals, Conga Sign implementation, pricing for bundled products, and out-of-the-box Salesforce approvals linked with the bundled products.


DemandBlue proposed an implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio to implement SMS and text upgrades for donor journeys. The solution involved enhancing the journeys by adding the following steps:

  • Inserting a text activity: We added an SMS/text activity to their existing marketing journeys, set to trigger two weeks after the upgrade email.
  • Skip logic for upgraded donors: Donors who had already upgraded within the two-week window were excluded from receiving the text message.
  • Personalized shortened URLs: We used Bitly to generate personalized links for each donor, suggested upgrade amounts, and directed them to the donor contribution page.
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Our solution empowered the client to engage with donors to promote increased contributions and support their causes.

  • Timely reminders for upgrading: Personalized text messages served as reminders, which increased donor engagement and encouraged higher contributions.
  • Streamlined journey tracking and acceptance rate: The Salesforce Marketing Cloud configuration allowed the client to track journey effectiveness and measure acceptance rates, optimizing future campaigns.
  • Enhanced automation and efficiency: The automated process reduced manual tasks, freeing time for better customer service and other critical initiatives.

Salesforce: Marketing Cloud engagement 
Technologies: SSJS, API, SQL, Automation Studio