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Experience the Fusion of Innovation and Success at Dreamforce 2023 with DemandBlue 

by | Sep 6, 2023 | Blog, DF23

Get ready to embark on a journey of innovation, insights, and invaluable connections at Dreamforce 2023 with DemandBlue. With a legacy of over 10+ years of participation, DemandBlue is thrilled to announce its presence at Dreamforce 2023. With great enthusiasm, DemandBlue takes immense pleasure in unveiling a collection of its latest QuickStart packages, cutting-edge accelerators, and a captivating narrative of customer success story in this press release.  

Immerse Yourself in the Dreamforce 2023 Experience with DemandBlue: Elevate, Optimize and Redefine 

Join DemandBlue at Dreamforce 2023, where we’re bringing you closer to the innovations that are shaping the future. With a focus on elevating customer experiences, optimizing revenue streams, and redefining sales processes, DemandBlue continues to invest in Salesforce innovation and supercharge your business growth. 

Embracing Innovation at Dreamforce 

Marketing Cloud Accelerators

Dreamforce 2023 offers a unique opportunity to delve into Marketing Cloud innovations, presented by DemandBlue’s game-changing Marketing Cloud Accelerators. Explore how these Accelerators optimize contact databases and streamline marketing operations, ensuring your business operates seamlessly.  

Unleash your marketing potential with the Shopify-Salesforce integration, merging your e-commerce prowess with cutting-edge automation. Craft unique customer journeys, from abandoned cart recovery to post-purchase loyalty, to drive innovation and growth. 

Witness the potential of our Contact Database Optimization Accelerator, a solution empowering effortless contact database cleanup, segmentation, and health checkups.  

And there’s more – be ready to explore the Zoom Webinar Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement Accelerator, a tool set to redefine webinar management and tracking within Salesforce. 

Revenue Cloud Accelerators:

DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud Accelerators enable businesses to unlock the full potential of Salesforce Revenue Cloud. The expert team at DemandBlue empowers organizations to streamline sales cycles, enhance revenue forecasting, and gain invaluable customer insights. From the CPQ MVP QuickStart for rapid implementation to the CPQ Flex QuickStart for flexibility and compatibility and the CPQ Refresh for optimizing existing processes – DemandBlue offers a range of solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs. 

Celebrating Success: The Seneca College Collaboration 

In a transformative journey, DemandBlue revamped Seneca College’s Salesforce environment, leading to remarkable improvements across various aspects. The tailored solutions witnessed a surge in user adoption, self-service channel usage, and administrative workflow streamlining. Notably, the access to their knowledge base article saw an 80% rise, while chatbot usage soared by 147%. DemandBlue’s meticulous data management facilitated accurate decision-making, propelling student engagement and creating a dynamic learning atmosphere. 

Witness the inspiring journey of Seneca College with DemandBlue by watching the testimonial video at

Highlighting Dreamforce 2023: Meet Our Distinguished Experts 

A spotlight of Dreamforce 2023 is the presence of DemandBlue’s experts. Click here to see the list of DemandBlue experts attending Dreamforce 2023. Join us for invaluable insights from our own Arun Govindan and Charanya Manoharan, as they lead a session spotlighting the Release Management Best Practices. This session aims to enhance release management efficiency and streamline software deployment processes.

Connect with DemandBlue at Dreamforce 2023 

DemandBlue extends a cordial invitation for you to be part of Dreamforce 2023 – a pivotal convergence of innovation, insights, and networking. Connect with us to explore the boundless possibilities of Salesforce and carve new pathways to success. 

About DemandBlue

As the anticipation builds for Dreamforce 2023, DemandBlue remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver exceptional value to clients, enrich their Salesforce experiences, and drive tangible business growth. Join us in embracing the spirit of innovation and charting a new course for success. 

Note: Don’t miss the exclusive session by Arun Govindan and Charanya Manoharan at Dreamforce 2023. Experience innovation firsthand! 

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