DemandBlue implemented Salesforce for the client’s research division to improve their patient care.


About the Client

The client is a genomics and biotechnology company offering innovative testing solutions designed to advance genetic testing applications for healthcare providers, researchers, and industry partners.


  • DemandBlue team implemented Salesforce and created a data model to help the client store their research team’s data.
  • Integrated Time tap with Salesforce to sync patient appointments and auto-populate patient data if a match is found with an existing account.
  • Configured data access in Salesforce to allow the team to input patient details and research data seamlessly.
  • Configured security settings to ensure data privacy between the Clinical and Research Division users.
  • Integrated DocuSign with Salesforce to automate document sharing for signatures.
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  • Data modeling improved the efficiency of research.
  • Improved the quality of care and patient satisfaction.
  • Eliminated data security risks
  • Increased operational efficiency and reduced the time to prepare, send, and sign documents.

Salesforce: Sales Cloud
Technologies: Apex, Flows