DemandBlue streamlines task generation workflow using automation to improve customer
and employee efficiency

About the Client

The client is a health information technology company that offers Marketplace-as-a-Service for entities in the healthcare ecosystem.

Client Requirement

The client faced challenges with the automatic generation of sales tasks at random, making it cumbersome for their Customer Success Managers when an opportunity is closed won in Salesforce.
They sought DemandBlue’s help to define a process and streamline their automatic task generation to improve Customer Success Manager’s efficiency.


DemandBlue analyzed the existing workflow and built a process automation to trigger once an opportunity is closed won.
  • The solution automated the generation of primary tasks automatically and assigned them to the respective users.
  • Automation also generates and assigns subsequent dependency tasks to the users once the primary tasks are completed.
  • DemandBlue configured Salesforce to generate recurring tasks every 30 days and 90 days based on the contract date.
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  • A streamlined and automated workflow improved employee experience and productivity.
  • Automation enabled Customer Success Manager’s to accelerate the sales process by 20%.
  • Automation enabled the management team to monitor and report on the progress and increased transparency.

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