DemandBlue helps the client improve customer experience by reducing turnaround time in damage estimation.


About the Client

The client provides disaster recovery services to address environmental hazards, natural and man-made disasters, and to fully restore built structures and their contents.


  • Client uses Xact Analysis for Claim Management and Google Drive for storing images of disaster sites.
  • DemandBlue team integrated Salesforce with Xact Analysis and Google Drive using Mulesoft and Salesforce platform events.
  • Implemented an accurate naming convention and folder structure to help users quickly access Google Drive folders and images with easy navigation.
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  • Integration with Xact Analysis helped reduce the turnaround time for damage estimation and improved customer experience.
  • Enabled estimators to access the most recent data in Salesforce.
  • Improved folder structure and naming conventions and integration with Salesforce enabled On field technicians to access images of disaster sites with ease

Salesforce: Sales Cloud, Mulesoft
Technologies: Apex, API, Flows