LET’S GET R.E.A.L A post-COVID introspection on improving business model

The COVID-19 pandemic has today put humanity in dire straits. Whether its health or wealth, both has been severely affected on a global scale. The outspread of coronavirus has driven our society into a lockdown phase, leaving businesses behind in a recessive economic state. Many industries like tourism, Restaurants, and other SMEs have faced massive losses within the past few months. But, complaining will get us nowhere. This is the time for us to take effective measures against this continuing destructive domino effect and adapt accordingly. We have to brace our footings and revise our business models not just to survive but flourish in these rainy days.

We have to redefine our priorities and strategize to act on near term goals that will ultimately benefit us in the long run. Our work style needs to be adapted quickly and transformed into flexible practices that can help us invest resources in key initiatives and lead businesses in this new world.

Some of the core topics covered in the report include

  • The effects of COVID-19 lockdown on Business and different industries
  • What does Gartner and Oxford economics have to say about our organizations’ corona preparations?
  • How to to get started again for a new beginning?
  • How to reset our business priorities and work style?
  • What and Where to act upon?
  • Adapting to a new world order without compromising.
  • Release Management Plan
  • Rediscovering leadership to prevail work orientation and goal fulfillment.

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