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Pack and Plan for Dreamforce 2023 – The Ultimate Salesforce Event 

by | Sep 7, 2023 | Blog, DF23

Are you getting excited about Dreamforce 2023? As the event approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your preparations to make the most of this highly anticipated gathering. Whether you’re road-tripping or flying to San Francisco, careful planning and packing are key to ensure you have a memorable and successful experience. 

Packing Essentials for Dreamforce 2023 

1. Bring Your Brand merchandise 

Be ready to make a lasting impression by packing branded goodies such as t-shirts, water bottles, and backpacks. These items not only showcase your brand but also attract fellow attendees. Your goodies can spark conversations and connections throughout the event. 

2. Stock Up on Business Cards 

With numerous workshops, sessions, and networking opportunities, having plenty of business cards is essential. Engage with fellow Trailblazers and professionals, and make sure you leave a lasting impression by sharing your contact information effortlessly. 

3. Opt for Comfortable Attire 

Dreamforce events span various venues. Comfortable clothes and extra shoes are a must to easily navigate the city. Prepare for both walking and ridesharing to get around the conference venues. 

4. Pack Portable Chargers 

Stay connected and powered up throughout the event by bringing portable chargers. Reliable access to GPS, internet, and communication tools will ensure you’re always connected to your work and personal contacts, even during back-to-back sessions. 

5. Be Prepared for Unpredictable Weather: 

San Francisco weather can be fickle, so pack rain gear, umbrellas, and water-resistant shoes. Also, consider bringing layers to stay warm in the morning and comfortable throughout the day. 

Booking Your Accommodation 

1. Book Early for Prime Accommodation 

Competition for lodging during Dreamforce is fierce. Secure your accommodation early to avoid extra costs. Look for options that offer free cancellations in case of changes. 

2. Stay Near Downtown 

As Dreamforce events span multiple venues, staying within walking distance of downtown San Francisco is ideal. This will help you save time commuting and ensure you don’t miss out on any sessions. 

3. Explore Various Accommodation Options 

Explore third-party booking sites like Booking.com and Expedia for alternatives besides Salesforce’s reserved hotel blocks. Airbnb and FlipKey are great choices for group travelers. Don’t overlook the possibility of staying in luxurious hostels or slightly outside the city center to save on costs. 

Planning Your Dreamforce 2023 Experience 

1. Health and Safety Guidelines 

Stay updated on the latest health and safety guidelines for Dreamforce 2023. While proof of vaccination may not be required, testing protocols might change. Check international travel requirements, especially if you’re flying to the United States. 

2. Strategize Your Session Schedule 

With numerous sessions to choose from, planning is crucial. Browse the session catalog to find ones that align with your interests and objectives. Utilize filters on the official Dreamforce website to tailor your schedule according to your role, preferences, and skill level. 

3. Create Breathing Space 

Avoid overloading your schedule to allow time for reflection and networking. You don’t need to attend every session—focus on those that bring the most value to your business and career. 

4. Engage with Sponsors 

Prepare a list of potential leads from the sponsor list. Research their details and booth locations in advance. Schedule meetings to approach sponsors strategically, maximizing your networking opportunities. 

5. Allow Extra Time for Commuting 

Plan for possible crowds and unfamiliar routes during Dreamforce. Ensure you start early to avoid last-minute rushes to sessions or back to your hotel. 

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With this checklist in hand, you’re ready to make the most of your Dreamforce 2023 experience. For more tips and updates, check out our related articles to enhance your journey. 

Don’t forget to schedule a meeting with our Salesforce experts at Dreamforce to explore new possibilities and enhance your Salesforce journey! 

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