Provided All-In-One Access and Deliver Deeper Insights for healthcare client through Integrating New Macola ERP with client’s Salesforce post acquisition


About the Client

Client is a leading pharmaceutical firm that manufactures, develops, distributes, and sells cosmetic skincare and therapeutic products. They are dedicated to delivering clinically relevant topical skincare products and solutions.



  • Customizations: Differentiated internal request based on product family  and created required optional fields to streamline business process and additional changes made to track revisions; product lookups based on product family were incorporated
  • Macola integration: Integrated New Macola ERP with the client’s Salesforce. Added a field for identification in the account object to avoid duplications, uploaded Initial product and price book and Macola splits orders with back orders into two records and the same feature was implemented in Salesforce
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  • Deeper insights: With two operational ERP’s feeding data into one system resulted in efficient information centralization.
  • Uninterrupted workflow: Unique identification fields helps to avoid duplications and results in seamless workflow
  • Easy to Manage – With minimal changes to operational system, operational diligence was kept intact and Culture assimilation challenges
  • Conflict Resolution – With centralized information, account ownership based on entities and relationship management was made easier.

Salesforce: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud

Technologies: Apex, API, Flows