Lightning Transition facilitated ultrafast product delivery to the Hightech client through Faster Engagement, Agile Approach and Scalable Resources


About the Client

Client is a global talent network that connects companies with vetted, remote engineers in emerging markets. Hundreds of leading companies leverage client to scale their engineering teams quickly and cost effectively.



  • Leveraged the AppExchange package “Lightning Sharing” from Salesforce Labs
  • Implemented Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) to style them to be consistent with Salesforce core features.
  • Enabled My Domain and replaced all hardcoded URLs’ with the My Domain URL.
  • Created Custom Buttons and Links, document tab and email templates to enable smarter workflows.
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  • New Salesforce instance made client data much more streamlined to their processes and easier to visually navigate within Salesforce
  • Increased productivity and efficiency by 30% by decreasing toggle time between screens
  • Enabling flexibility, scalability and faster delivery of the project

Salesforce: Sales Cloud

Technologies: Salesforce Lightning, Lightning transition, Hightech, Lightning Sharing, Salesforce Lightning Design System, My Domain