Customization of Data Loader CLI improves By and Large execution by enabling the seamless integration of new data into Salesforce and by eliminating redundant information


About the Client

Client is a leading distributor in facility, industrial packaging, and marketing solutions. They delivers expertise in supply chain, category management, forecasting and planning, product use, service and training.



  • Created a validation rule in Salesforce to allow only the orders, which are dated less than two years to get uploaded into Salesforce.
  • Analyzed their existing Data Loader CLI and incorporated a new logic to reduce the load and delete old data.
  • Modified the query in Data Loader CLI and used a formula field which identified the date of the orders
  • Placed a restriction on Salesforce and data Loader CLI query to limit the number of records being uploaded and deleted.
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  • Reduced batch processing time by 50%.
  • No recurring failures.
  • Overall application performance improved by 40%.
  • Storage space maintained at optimum level by prescheduled data deletion process

Salesforce: Sales Cloud

Technologies: Dataloader CLI, Manufactring, Packaging solutions