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Seamless B2B Commerce Transformation with DemandBlue!

Improve your online revenue

Improve your online revenue

Tailor to specific industries

Tailor to specific industries

Deliver better customer experience

Deliver better customer experience

Easily scale your business

Easily scale your business

Are you struggling with complex sales processes, inconsistent customer experiences, and inefficient order management?

With DemandBlue’s B2B Commerce consulting, your customers will enjoy a seamless self-service experience that resembles the convenience of B2C buying.

When you create a modern, interactive, personalized eCommerce storefront, you will experience a significant boost in online sales.

A partnership with DemandBlue means that your sales team will receive value-added insights, which reduce their burden and accelerate revenue growth. Embrace best-in-class solutions to transform your B2B experiences and achieve digital success in eCommerce.

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Streamline your sales and deliver consistent
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DemandBlue helps Salesforce B2B Commerce businesses
with their:

B2B Commerce Implementation:

Expert deployment and setup of Salesforce B2B Commerce for personalized eCommerce storefronts.

Omnichannel Experience:

Deliver consistent buying journeys across the web, mobile, social media, and more.

Customer Experience Optimization:

Enhance sales and retention rates through improved customer understanding and relevant user experiences

Sales Cycle Optimization:

Streamline buying process for quick and efficient cart checkouts.

Workflow Automation:

Automate sales operations for increased efficiency and reduced manual efforts.

Custom Development:

Tailor Salesforce B2B Commerce for unique business needs.

Integration Services:

Provide seamless integration with CRM, ERP, and marketing automation systems.

Support and Maintenance:

Deliver ongoing assistance and upkeep for a smooth functioning platform.

Our Approach

With DemandBlue’s tried-and-tested B2B implementation approach and adaptable engagement model, your personalized e-commerce storefront is just a step away. Our expert team collaborates closely with your stakeholders to ensure a seamless alignment with your business requirements. We cover everything from business analysis to support services. Whether you want to build a new eCommerce storefront or enhance your current solution, we have the experience and expertise.

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Salesforce B2B Commerce

B2B Commerce Challenges that we solve.


of buyers say that the B2B purchasing cycle is getting longer.


of B2B buyers state that their latest purchase was very complex or difficult.


86% of B2B buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

We track our customer’s feedback through conversations and surveys to understand how we help and how we can improve. Here are the top challenges that we solve for your business.

Streamlining Sales Processes:

DemandBlue streamlines B2B sales cycles, reducing manual work and accelerating the process.

Enhancing Customer Experience:

DemandBlue provides a 360-degree view of customers, enabling personalized interactions and improved satisfaction.

Integrating Sales Channels:

DemandBlue integrates multiple B2B sales channels for consistent customer experiences across touchpoints.

Improving Order Management:

DemandBlue optimizes order processing, tracking, inventory, and fulfillment for faster and more efficient operations.

Managing Complex Pricing and Discounts:

DemandBlue handles intricate pricing structures and negotiated discounts, for accuracy and consistency.

Analytics and Insights:

DemandBlue offers powerful analytics for data-driven decision-making, to better identify growth opportunities and trends.

Mobile Sales Enablement:

DemandBlue empowers sales teams with mobile access for productive on-the-go interactions.

Partner Relationship Management:

DemandBlue manages partner relationships, which promote seamless collaboration and communication.

Configurable Product Catalogs:

DemandBlue facilitates flexible management of B2B product catalogs, even those with complex offerings.

Scalability and Flexibility:

DemandBlue provides scalable solutions that adapt to changing B2B business needs for long-term success.

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Achieve this & more with DemandBlue!

Unleash the power of your business with DemandBlue to redefine your operations and drive revenue growth. Empower your sales function and conquer challenges with our expert guidance and streamlined order management, propelling your success.

We help you unleash the capabilities of B2B Commerce

  • Empower your sales teams

  • Improve customer retention rate

  • Reduce costs

  • Personalize your store design

  • Improve catalog discovery

  • Stay connected across touchpoints 
  • Enhance reporting capabilities

  • Minimize order errors

  • Allow rapid reorder capabilities

  • Support multiple languages and currencies

  • Connect a digital storefront

  • Create contract pricing and custom catalogs

  • Increase subscription sales

  • Provide omni-channel experiences

  • Design a configurable product panel

  • Build custom pricing models

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