Precise and Personalized CPQ Implementation for Sales Success


Reduction in configuration errors


Reduction in Product Pricing errors


Increased Forecast Accuracy


Reduction in quote approval time


Increased Sales Productivity

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Simplify your Quote to Cash to propel your business forward!

Experience the transformative impact of DemandBlue’s Salesforce CPQ implementation and take your business to new heights. Our customized Salesforce CPQ helps businesses like yours automate the quote process and eliminate the need for manual and time-consuming tasks. Our CPQ solution will simplify product catalog management, ensuring accurate and consistent sales quotes and proposals. Gain greater visibility into your sales pipeline and performance, to enable informed decision-making and drive improved sales outcomes.

Personalized CPQ Services for your Quote
to Cash Success

Salesforce CPQ implementation:

Accelerate sales cycles and improve quote accuracy by successfully implementing Salesforce CPQ to streamline quoting, pricing, and sales processes.

Salesforce CPQ Integration:

Streamline quoting and proposal generation by seamlessly integrating Salesforce CPQ into your sales processes, enhancing sales efficiency and accuracy.

Salesforce CPQ Customization:

Personalize Salesforce CPQ to your specific business needs by customizing its features, configurations, and workflows to optimize your sales processes.

Salesforce CPQ Support and Maintenance:

Reliable support and maintenance services for your Salesforce CPQ system, including troubleshooting, updates, and ongoing technical assistance.

Experience the game-changing impact of DemandBlue’s Salesforce CPQ implementation

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Turbocharge your CPQ implementation with
our accelerators

DemandBlue’s accelerators allow for rapid CPQ implementation, flexible streamlining of product catalog and pricing, as well as updating and optimizing existing CPQ processes to enhance efficiency and drive revenue growth.

CPQ MVP QuickStart

Rapid CPQ implementation in 8-10 weeks to automate sales processes, drive revenue, and scale for growing businesses.

CPQ Flex QuickStart

Flexible CPQ implementation for streamlined product catalog and pricing, with hands-on control and compatibility with existing Salesforce org.

CPQ Refresh

Optimize the existing CPQ quoting process with a customized project, including configuration audit, best practice review, and pain point resolution.

Strategic Benefits of DemandBlue’s
CPQ Implementation

Streamlined sales processes and enhanced quoting accuracy yield increased sales productivity and revenue growth.

Hassle-free Implementation:

Efficient deployment, reduced time.

Cost Savings:

Optimized implementation

Enhanced Sales Efficiency:

Improved productivity, guided selling.

Improved Quote Accuracy:

Accurate, error-free quotes.

Personalized Solutions:

Tailored to business needs.

Integration Capabilities:

Seamless system integration.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Easily scale with growth.

Improved Customer Experience:

Enhanced buying journey.

Analytics and Reporting:

Actionable insights, data-driven decisions.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance:

Dedicated assistance and optimization.

Success Stories

Promise faster results with DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud Accelerators

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I reduce lengthy sales cycle & adoption periods?

DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud implementation expedites your lead-to-quote process, enabling reps to automate quote generation and close deals faster. Our solution has a guided selling feature that shortens your adoption period.

How to attain Sales success with Revenue Cloud?

A simplified and faster quoting process is significant to attain sales success. Our Revenue Cloud customization enables you to optimize quote approvals to improve collaboration, reduce churn, and maximize deals.

Why we need to automate quoting process?

At DemandBlue, we automate your tedious quoting process with Revenue Cloud implementation to help you maintain an efficient workflow that saves time, maximizes ROI, and sets your business up for sustainable growth.

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