Salesforce Developer Experience

Salesforce Developer Experience (DX) is a brand new way to develop and manage apps on the Lightning Platform across the entire life cycle. It combines the best of the Lightning Platform to enable source-driven development, team collaboration with governance, and new levels of agility for custom app development on SalesforceSalesforce DX is much more than just a new set of tools. It provides an alternative to change set development and shifts the source of truth from the org to version control system (VCS). It shifts our development focus from org development to package development.

Who is this Whitepaper for?

This whitepaper is for Salesforce developers and admins who want to understand more about Salesforce DX (Developer Experience), and how it might be used to implement a DevOps process that works for technically diverse development teams. Salesforce DX will likely impact you, potentially changing the way you work. If you’re involved in the administration, development, maintenance, or management of Salesforce environments, then this whitepaper is for you.

It will provide you an overview of Salesforce DX, an understanding of its motivating factors, the workflows it facilitates and practical considerations for its adoption. If you’re an admin, architect, developer or team lead considering trialing and adopting Salesforce DX for your team, then this whitepaper has something for you.

The Key Topics Covered in the Report include

Salesforce DX Setup

  • Setup a Project
  • Authorize the Developer Hub org for the project
  • Configure your local project
  • Create a scratch org
  • Push the source from your project to the scratch org
  • Pull the source to keep your project and scratch org in sync
  • Run tests
  • Export The Package.xml
  • Convert Source code to Salesforce DX
  • Track Changes Between the Project and Scratch Org – Sync Up

Salesforce DX

  • An Introduction
  • Developer Hub (Dev Hub) Orgs
  • The Salesforce CLI
  • Scratch Org
  • A New Metadata Format
  • Visual Studio Code Plugins
  • Second Generation Packaging (2GP)
  • Dependency API

DX for SalesforceDevOps

  • Best Practices – Version Control System (VCS)

Leverage Salesforce Lightning Platform and build your own intuitive custom applications to automate and enhance your efficiency and productivity.

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