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From Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot to Salesforce Wave Analytics, Chatter, Communities and Salesforce based Mobile application or Salesforce AppExchange Apps, DemandBlue offers a comprehensive suite of Salesforce development services that enable you to transform your business beyond the standard functionalities.

We are a Salesforce development partner with decade-long experience in the landscape of Salesforce technology. Our expertise lies in providing a comprehensive suite of Salesforce development services that enable you to go beyond applications of Salesforce products. Customization is an essential part of our Salesforce app development process. We customize every bit of your tools and applications for enhanced productivity and functionality. We deliver services to empower your team to achieve more with less.

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Salesforce Mobile App Development

Mobile App
Development Services

Bringing the best of Salesforce to Mobile

Salesforce Mobile platform is exclusively designed to extend the best of Salesforce to mobile devices so that your business happens seamlessly even when you are on the go! Salesforce Mobile app development allows users to access and work on critical data anytime, anywhere through a simple and intuitive Mobile User Interface.

At DemandBlue, we bring your workflows to your mobile to ensure that you have seamless mobile experiences. We design, develop and deploy Salesforce mobile apps on AppExchange and introduce custom UX/UI support to give that personalized touch to your brand. Apart from that, we also apply our expertise in Visualforce and Lightning to leverage Salesforce mobile apps.


DemandBlue’s core USP is our pioneering On Demand Services (ODS) for Salesforce.We offer a unique and flexible Pay-As-You-Use Salesforce engagement model that is exclusively designed to meet your fluctuating business needs.

DemandBlue Approach


– DemandBlue’s Approach

Salesforce’s is the engine that drives the Salesforce App Cloud. This platform enables you to become ultra-efficient by automating workflows seamlessly. We not only build these native apps for you, but integrate it with your existing databases and third-party applications in your enterprise.

With our extensive development expertise, you can kick start your Digital Transformation by moving away from your legacy applications by migrating to robust native Salesforce apps.

Benefits Of
Building Native
Apps On

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  • Native apps can be customized to the existing Salesforce CRM in any way we want
  • Native app will closely and efficiently interphase with your SFDC org
  • Realize your Digital Transformation strategy by migrating your legacy apps to native Salesforce
Secured Icon
  • Data remains stored in highly secured SFDC database itself, making it highly secure
  • Data sync-up happens real-time, globally, and accurately
Reports run faster icon
  • Reports run faster, dashboards are up-to-date instantly, response time of the app is much quicker.
  • Adoption is quicker and engagement easier with customized UI/UX.
  • Salesforce1 Mobile app development renders your app accessible in all mobile devices.
Native Salesforce App
  • Native Salesforce apps are enabled for Lightning Components and Einstein AI features
  • Our experts can integrate these native apps with any existing enterprise application

Demandblue’s 4 Step Approach to Salesforce Development Services

Analyze and Strategize

1. Analyze and Strategize

Our Advisory team gathers and evaluates all client project requirements and provides cost and technical feasibility for the processes.

Prototype Development

2. Prototype Development

DemandBlue’s technocrats help you with comprehensive prototype development process.

Development and Testing

3. Development and Testing

Post the prototyping process, our team helps you with designing, development and testing before the application is available for mass distribution.

Launch and Release

4. Launch and Release

We offer Salesforce customization and integration solutions from start to finish of a successful app launch.


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Customer Testimonials

DemandBlue has been able to handle them while staying on time with deliverables.

DemandBlue has been an excellent partner for us during our Org consolidation, providing us with excellent service at an affordable/economical rate. From our discovery phase into the build phase and throughout the validation phase, DemandBlue has demonstrated tremendous attention to detail. In addition, their knowledge & expertise in the platform have been visible throughout the process. Lastly, I have greatly appreciated DemandBlue’s flexibility. At times throughout our project, we have had to make changes, and DemandBlue has been able to handle them while staying on time with deliverables. five_star
Nicholas Labrada Manager, Sales Systems TissueTech
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I migrate existing applications to the Salesforce platform?
Yes, you can migrate existing applications to the Salesforce platform. Salesforce provides various tools and resources to facilitate the migration process. Depending on the complexity of your application and the data involved, you might choose different migration methods. Alternatively, you can consult with us to learn more about migration possibilities.
Is it possible to automate business processes with Salesforce development?

Absolutely! Salesforce development offers robust automation capabilities through Workflow Rules, Process Builder, and Apex Triggers. These tools enable you to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and trigger actions based on specific events or conditions within the Salesforce platform.

How do I get started with Salesforce development?

To get started with Salesforce development, follow these steps:

a. Create a Salesforce Developer Account: Sign up for a free account at

b. Learn the Basics: Familiarize yourself with the Salesforce platform, its data model, and the various objects (standard and custom).

c. Learn Apex and Visualforce: Apex is the programming language used on the Salesforce platform, and Visualforce is used for creating custom user interfaces.

d. Trailhead: Salesforce offers an interactive learning platform called Trailhead. It provides various modules and trails to help you master Salesforce development step-by-step.

e. Join Developer Communities: Participate in Salesforce developer communities and forums, such as the Salesforce Developer Community and StackExchange. Ask questions, learn from others, and stay updated on the latest trends and best practices.

Can I customize the Salesforce platform to suit my business needs?

You can customize the Salesforce platform extensively to align with your business requirements. Salesforce provides a highly flexible and scalable platform that allows you to tailor your CRM experience to match your unique business needs. Please consult with us to learn more about how to customize Salesforce to suit your business needs.

Salesforce is a highly customizable platform that can easily conform to your business needs. It is flexible, scalable, reliable, and secure. Your CRM experience becomes a natural extension of your company’s mission and goals. Consult with us to understand how your unique business model can benefit from this powerful tool.