Salesforce Einstein Insights

Empower your sales team with insights on prospects! Close deals quickly and confidently by adopting Salesforce Einstein Insights!!

Long gone are the days when selling products was a matter of luck and chance. Salesforce Einstein Insights ensures that every move that your sales rep takes is calculated and meaningful to convert your prospects into customers. Yes, data shows that Salesforce Einstein Insights spikes your conversion rates up by 43%. It is an AI-powered platform that backs your Sales with reliable intel and assists your reps at every stage of customer engagement. Salesforce Einstein Insights accumulates data of accounts, opportunities, calls histories, and even NEWS sources to predict business outcomes that help your team to strategize every move with confidence. Apart from Sales prediction and giving out the best recommendation, it automates your work process with seamless fluidity that lets your reps relax and focus on what is essential that is selling.

Some of the core topics covered in the report include

  • Features and benefits of Salesforce Einstein Insight
  • Accuracy of Sales prediction
  • Extent of work automation
  • Reliable information gathering
  • Buffing you client engagement program
  • Examples of Salesforce Einstein Insights in action
  • Infographics

Salesforce Einstein Insights helps you gather relatable insights from reliable sources to ensure your sales team acquires the intelligence to cater to every prospect with definite solution. To learn more about Salesforce Einstein Insight’s unmatched benefits and how to leverage it to the maximum –