Reimagine Salesforce Experience Cloud with DemandBlue!

Foster meaningful interactions and elevate brand loyalty to new heights through engaging customer experiences.

Community Cloud

Leverage Salesforce Experience Cloud to outshine competitors with unique customer engagement strategies.

Your customers highly value a seamless experience at every touchpoint with you. DemandBlue’s Experience Cloud Implementation Service helps you deliver just that. Salesforce Experience Cloud acts as a bridge, connecting customers, partners, and employees, facilitating invaluable data exchange and mutual learning.

DemandBlue’s consulting strategy harnesses Salesforce Experience Cloud capabilities to foster interactions and teamwork, cultivating strategic relationships and fortifying brand loyalty. The result is an engaged customer base turned into devoted brand advocates, propelling businesses to new heights of success.

Salesforce Community Cloud

DemandBlue’s consulting strategy works towards leveraging the Experience Cloud capabilities to encourage interaction and teamwork to build strategic relationships and boost brand loyalty.

Nurture Customer Interactions, Cultivate Loyalty, and Forge stronger relationships with DemandBlue!

An Overview of our
Salesforce Experience Cloud Services

Community Builder Expertise:

Customize branded community pages using Community Builder.

Tailored Community Templates:

We build personalized community templates for specific business needs.

Member Management Solutions:

Handling community members and access permissions.

Lightning Bolt Implementation:

Industry-specific Lightning Bolt solutions for quick community creation.

Chatter Integration:

Seamless integration of Chatter for effective community collaboration.

Knowledge Base Setup:

DemandBlue creates a comprehensive knowledge base for valuable resources and articles.

Community Analytics and Reporting:

Analytical insights and reporting for community performance.

Mobile Community Accessibility:

Ensuring mobile access to the Salesforce Experience Cloud community through the Salesforce app.

A snapshot of what you can achieve with DemandBlue!

Personalized Customer Experience:

Tailor content and services based on individual preferences and needs.

Self-Service Capabilities:

Empower customers and partners with access to support, order tracking, and account management.

Multi-Channel Engagement:

Seamlessly interact with customers across web, mobile, and social media platforms.

Community Building:

Foster connections and collaboration through online communities.

Content Management:

Organize and deliver content effectively, including knowledge bases and FAQs.

Data Security and Access Control:

Ensure data security and compliance with role-based access permissions.

Analytics and Insights:

Gain valuable user behavior insights to optimize the platform.

Mobile Optimization:

Organize and deliver content effectively, including knowledge bases and FAQs.

Integration with Existing Systems:

Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce solutions and third-party applications.

Customer Testimonials

Saving thousands of dollars, DemandBlue has shown to be a great partner

The DemandBlue model allows us to scale for our project needs quickly, and when over, the resources move off, saving thousands of dollars. DemandBlue has shown to be a great partner in filling gaps in my team resources. Very happy with their performance.

Gary Comberiati
Director of Engineering
Paramount Mortgage Group




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