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Why choose DemandBlue for Service Cloud Implementation?

Ready to Revolutionize Your Business’s Field Service Experience?

In scenarios where a field service solution is absent or implemented improperly, businesses often encounter challenges that can include poor customer experience, ineffective scheduling, limited insights, communication breakdowns, and missed revenue opportunities. Envision a world where scheduling and dispatching integrate seamlessly, assignments automate, and precise technician-to-job matching prevails.

Collaborate with DemandBlue to redefine your operational landscape and reach new levels of success. Experience real-time visibility into agent activities, receive seamless customer updates and achieve expedited issue resolution. Our Field Service Lightning (FSL) proficiency extends beyond automation encompassing optimized resource allocation, cost reduction, and enhanced performance. Leverage integrated CRM systems to upsell and cross-sell your products and services.

According to data released by Salesforce, Field Service Lightning is transforming the way organizations are managing customers


Faster Case Resolution


Agent Productivity


Customer Satisfaction

Salesforce FSL for a Remarkable Business Impact – From the DemandBlue Approach

Optimized Scheduling

Smart Task Assignment:

DemandBlue automates job allocation based on skills, timing, and location. Track progress in real-time with our manager tracking.
In AI, we trust

AI-Powered FTFR Boost:

Elevate FTFR using DemandBlue’s Einstein Vision. Quickly resolve part-related issues by analyzing images for instant solutions.
Manage Jobs from Anywhere

Mobile Convenience:

Manage tasks on the fly with our intuitive FSL App for Android and iOS. Your entire workspace is now on a 6-inch screen.
Enhanced Decision Making

Data-Driven Choices:

Make informed decisions with Field Service Analytics by DemandBlue. Get live updates on KPIs and progress for strategic moves.
Quicker Case Management

Effortless Case Management:

Simplify work orders and SLA tracking with DemandBlue’s FSL. We integrate relevant articles for efficient case handling.

DemandBlue’s proven approach for expedited Salesforce FSL Implementation


Our Salesforce Advisory team collaborates with you to understand goals and pain points and drafts a roadmap for short and long-term objectives.


Transfer necessary data, set up master data, and sync with enterprise CRM.


Salesforce FSL experts analyze processes and create blueprints that include work orders, skill management, and integration.

Test and Deploy:

Thoroughly test FSL with sprints in a safe Sandbox to ensure quality before final deployment.


Develop personalized prototypes in validated Sandbox and involve stakeholders and business users.


Provide necessary training for the different stakeholders so there is a great adoption and eliminate any friction in using the system.


DemandBlue is your trusted Salesforce partner for several compelling reasons. We have a strong track record in the implementation of both Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning services. Our On Demand Services for Salesforce have a convenient Pay-As-You-Use model that provides access to our certified resources whenever needed.

With extensive experience that covers various industries, we are well equipped to harness the capabilities of FSL and drive significant growth for your business.

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