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Why DemandBlue for Salesforce Implementation?

DemandBlue, as a Salesforce Implementation partner, understands your business needs and eliminates bottlenecks that hinder your business growth. Our unique Salesforce implementation accelerates revenue growth & facilitates sales cycle.

Through our On Demand Services, we offer a flexible Pay-As-You-Use pricing model to ensure an affordable and agile implementation. Our expert team will structure our implementation to accomplish your business objectives and improve the operational model.

  • Dynamic Salesforce implementation driven by On Demand Services model.
  • Easy scalability of resources based on business needs.
  • 50+ strategic partnerships with global-tech giants like MuleSoft, Tableau, and Workato.
  • Intuitive & dedicated customer portal to keep track of project status at every level.
  • Seamless migration from old CRM without any data loss or downtime.
  • Continuous and end-to-end support throughout the implementation process.

Leverage our unique Salesforce Implementation model to automate your business operations and improve ROI

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Customer Testimonials

All the projects have been delivered on time and support the existing applications greatly.

I am very pleased to have Demandblue as our solution/integration partner to implement projects involving the Salesforce ecosystem. All the projects have been delivered on time and support the existing applications greatly.

Dillibabu Govindan
Director, Digital Technology
Ethan Allen Global




DemandBlue’s strategic implementation approach

DemandBlue’s agile and scalable implementation approach promises you a hassle-free implementation journey from start to end. Led by a team of Salesforce certified experts, we define a clear implementation roadmap to accomplish all your business goals.

DemandBlue’s strategic implementation approach
Classic to Lightning Migration


Analyzing the business requirements holds the key to a successful Salesforce implementation. This process will scope your technology requirements in-depth and strategize best-fit solutions to meet your business objectives. Our implementation experts will analyze your existing processes, functionalities, and workflows to get a 360-degree view of the current systems and technologies. We will create a consistent roadmap keeping in view your current and future implementation needs to drive tangible results. We will also carefully evaluate data quantity, quality, and structure – to identify if data needs to be imported from different sources.

Plan & Prepare

Our strategic approach towards project planning ensures that your Salesforce implementation goals are met. As a Salesforce Implementation Partner, we will help you choose the right Salesforce edition and the number of licenses based on the end-user requirement. Our team will define the workflows and processes that need to align with your Salesforce implementation objectives. We also perform data migration planning to avoid leakage in data, data duplication, and downtime before migrating your data to the new Salesforce platform.

Classic to Lightning Migration
Classic to Lightning Migration

Setup, Configure & Customize

Based on the business requirements gathered during the Assessment phase, we will configure the business process as appropriate for you. Our team will compile the customization requirements and configure the objects and workflows like case management, forecasting, and more to align with your operational model. DemandBlue’s implementation team will guide you through the setup process and automation to improve agent productivity and operational efficiency.

Drive Training & Adoption

A great Salesforce implementation won’t make sense if the end-users don’t use it. The success of a Salesforce implementation predominantly depends on user adoption. That’s why our Salesforce implementation services are directed towards frictionless end-user experiences. We carefully analyze the challenges involved in user adoption – one of the core challenges being lack of training and knowledge on the new platform. Our post-implementation strategy includes hands-on training to the internal stakeholders to drive user adoption and value.

Classic to Lightning Migration

We empower the implementation of a diverse set of Salesforce products under one roof

We deliver custom and configurable Salesforce implementation services to meet your unique business needs. Our deep-rooted experience in implementing Salesforce products will help to automate business operations, enhance customer experience, and accelerate revenue growth.

Drive more business value with DemandBlue

Make it hassle-free

Make it hassle-free

Our Salesforce implementation services bridges your Sales, Marketing, and Finance teams to collaborate better and work in unison. Aligning the Sales and Marketing teams will reduce the operational complexities and improve the overall productivity – thus leading to quick deal closures.

Empower customer satisfaction

Empower customer satisfaction

Salesforce implementation enables you to deliver the right message to the right customer with the ideal Salesforce solution. Deliver exponential customer service to each customer by understanding their needs and resolving issues quickly.

Automate businesses

Automate businesses

Automate every business process in Sales, Marketing, and Finance with process builder, workflow, approvals, and flow builder. Inject process automation into your operational model to improve business productivity and create a seamless operational transition.

Customer-centric approach

Customer-centric approach

Achieve greater user experience with access to crucial customer insights like behavioral data, buyer journey, and purchase pattern. Deliver a unified customer service across all channels of your business and improve customer retention with Salesforce implementation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a Salesforce Implementation Partner?

Salesforce Implementation Partners are Salesforce experts. They have the experience of implementing Salesforce successfully for several customers. They will ensure that they thoroughly understand the business requirements and provide a solution that meets your current and future needs. Due to their implementation experience, they will be able to anticipate risk and mitigate them appropriately without impacting the scope, cost, and schedule. Implementing Salesforce successfully requires a proper change management strategy. That will ensure that the users adopt the system and you are able to meet your stated goals and objectives.

How long does a Salesforce Implementation process take & how much will it cost?

Every organization is unique, and each project requires a unique implementation approach. Hence, we may tailor your Salesforce implementation to meet your specific objectives. The costs incurred will vary depending on the project requirements and the customization required for the implementation. Salesforce implementation partners often have accelerators, which will empower them to implement it faster than the others.

What are the benefits of salesforce implementation?
Salesforce is a very powerful platform. Depending on the type of Salesforce Cloud you implement, the benefits would vary. The following are some of the benefits you get across all the Salesforce products

  • Increase in Revenue
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Secure Platform
  • Inbuilt AI capabilities
  • No Code / Low Code capabilities
  • Highly Scalable and Maintainable
  • 3 Releases a year filled with new features

Streamline business operation, add business value and grow your revenue with Salesforce Implementation Services