Salesforce Lightning Experience – Salesforce Re-invented

Salesforce Lightning has revolutionized customer and sales rep experiences and improved operational efficiencies in unimaginable ways. The Lightning Experience is reported to have increased productivity by a staggering 41% and conversion rates by 44%. What makes Lightning Experience so special? A Salesforce survey conducted among its users to improve the CRM experience revealed that the Salesforce clients wanted a better and more modern user experience. As a result, Salesforce totally revamped the older version to launch the Lightning Experience with fresh and new features. The modern User Interface brings new features that are designed for increased productivity, faster deployments, and a seamless transition across desktop and mobile environments. For Sales reps, Salesforce Lightning accelerates speed, enhances quality of information made available in a consolidated view, improves ability to close deals faster, helps make strategic sales decision, and a whole lot more.

Some of the core topics covered in the report includes

  • Features and benefits of Salesforce Lightning
  • How Lightning increases Productivity by 41% – Facts
  • Process of Lightning migration – the sure-fire way to succeed!
  • A word of caution – Things to consider before Lightning Migration
  • Possible bottlenecks to avoid in Salesforce Lightning Migration
  • Summer ’18 – the 9th Lightning Release and the previous editions
  • Salesforce Best practices
  • Success stories
  • Infographics