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Classic to Lightning Migration
In a competitive business environment, customer challenges abound, from inconsistent lead nurturing to manual data management. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks as MCAE (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) automates email campaigns, lead nurturing, and customer journey workflows.

DemandBlue’s MCAE implementation automates email campaigns and ensures personalized and consistent lead nurturing. We equip your marketing engine with targeted marketing capabilities, precise audience segmentation, and robust analytics for real-time insights for data-driven decisions.

With our Salesforce expertise, we help you seamlessly integrate your marketing engine with CRM systems and organize customer data effortlessly. Scale your marketing efforts effortlessly with DemandBlue, while minimizing errors and strengthening customer relationships.

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How DemandBlue’s MCAE Implementation redefine your marketing value chain?

Access valuable customer insights

Access Valuable Customer Insights:

360-degree view for targeted marketing.

Access valuable customer insights

Build personalized email campaigns:

Provide engaging templates for higher conversions.

Access valuable customer insights

Real-time campaign tracking:

Never miss a lead or opportunity.

Access valuable customer insights

Advanced Automation Capabilities:

Build cutting-edge automation features.

Access valuable customer insights

Lead Nurturing:

Personalized lead nurturing for stronger relationships.

Access valuable customer insights

ROI Measurement:

Measure ROI and optimize campaigns.

Our MCAE Offerings!

Pardot Implementation Services

MCAE Implementation Services:

Address fluctuating marketing needs with our flexible Salesforce Pardot setup, resolving bottlenecks through best practices and a tailored experience.

Pardot Integration Services

MCAE Integration Services:

Seamlessly sync MCAE and Salesforce CRM, personalize campaigns with third-party platform integration, and save time for your marketers.

Pardot Consulting Services

MCAE Consulting Services:

Partner with our expert MCAE consultants and create a personalized roadmap for your MCAE journey. Cover touchpoints and industry insights.

Pardot Automation Services

MCAE Automation Services:

Empower B2B marketing with MCAE automation to personalize campaigns, generate leads faster, build pipelines, and provide valuable insights for decision-making.

Our five-step approach to Salesforce Pardot

Setup and Advisory

Define Roadmap:

Our team takes the time to understand your goals. From there, we craft a comprehensive journey map to surpass marketing objectives and tackle operational challenges with tailored features.


Personalize customer interactions and campaigns across all channels to liberate marketers from mundane tasks through customized marketing automation.

Integration Integration:

Seamlessly connect MCAE with Salesforce CRM for a data flow and eliminate silos in your database.
Data Migration

Data Migration:

Organize and transfer data efficiently to ensure a clean and clutter-free process with no duplication.

Training and Adoption

Training and Adoption:

Accelerate adoption through expert training, interactive webinars, and on-demand support for a confident marketing team.

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