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CRM Analytics

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DemandBlue offers powerful, accurate, and scalable solutions with Salesforce CRM analytics that help businesses turn data into valuable insights for better-informed and customer-centric decisions. Our experts understand your business dynamics to seamlessly integrate CRM analytics without altering your existing processes. With CRM analytics, organizations can deliver personalized customer experiences and achieve easy customer segmentation, hassle-free monitoring, and actionable web analytics.

Using CRM analytics, businesses can achieve the following benefits:
  • Drive faster decisions with intelligent predictions and recommendations.
  • Discover actionable insights.
  • Receive a holistic view of customers by integrating external data.
  • Scale up quickly.

Identify patterns to derive insights and improve efficiency

Analytics combines a large volume of customer data to derive numerous interpretations. Patterns that arise from these help businesses identify troughs in operational processes and ways to streamline them to boost productivity. With analytics, businesses can predict future projections and outcomes.

Presenting data that everyone comprehends

Customer data in its raw form may be difficult to comprehend. Analytics uses rich visualizations to better interpret the data and patterns for better representation of data, enabling decision-makers to recognize and bridge gaps in complicated business processes.

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Why DemandBlue?

With a team of certified Salesforce CRM analytics experts, we offer comprehensive, intelligent business analytics solutions to help organizations find hidden opportunities and improve customer retention and sales growth. Our strategic approach meets and often exceeds our customers’ unique business needs and drives improved outcomes—combining our deep Salesforce implementation experience with data science innovations.



It is a Pay-As-You-Use model where customers can subscribe to this service for a specific period. The customers will have to pay only for what they have used.



Unlike any traditional service model like fixed-bit or Time & Material, our model is Red Tape free and easy to asses.



On Demand Services provide flexibility in scaling resources up or down depending on
business dynamics.



On Demand, services save time by eliminating the need to create SOW’s, ensures quick kickoff and early product delivery.



There is no fixed-price contract with tedious/meticulous paperwork On Demand,
Services are available 24/7. We will invest in the knowledge transfer and be available for
customers On Demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRM analytics?
CRM Analytics is a customer and business analytics platform that brings flexible customer analytics to your CRM. It works with customer-centric data, allows you to explore it in powerful ways, and ultimately changes how your team answers customers’ critical questions.
Why invest in Salesforce CRM analytics?
It brings accurate business intelligence to every CRM user, including sales and service reps, business users, and more. In addition, CRM analytics helps you to maintain control over data and can be easily accessed via mobile platforms.
Does CRM analytics require extensive training?
No, CRM analytics is simple and can be used as a search engine to explore and share data.