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Increase in Sales Revenue

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud
In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, navigating challenges such as integration complexities, data consistency, and best-in-class mobile access is crucial to deliver an impeccable customer experience. Moreover, the intricacies of complex sales processes and channel management necessitate expert configurations. Effective service and support management solutions demand strategic finesse.

Leverage our seasoned Salesforce expertise to simplify integrations, enhance data accuracy, and streamline processes. We empower your manufacturing enterprise with comprehensive user training and unwavering support for unwavering exceptional customer-centric growth and unparalleled success.

What can you achieve with Salesforce and DemandBlue?

Personalized Customer Experience

Tailor content and services based on individual preferences and needs.

360-Degree Customer View

Consolidate customer data for personalized interactions.

Improved Customer Service

Deliver exceptional support with Service Cloud.

Enhanced Channel Management

Strengthen partner relationships through PRM solutions.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Data-driven decisions with robust analytics.

Increased Productivity

Streamline processes and focus on core activities.

Efficient Marketing Campaigns

Targeted campaigns and performance tracking.

Compliance and Data Security

Protect sensitive information with advanced features.

Mobile Field Service

Empower field teams with Salesforce mobile apps.

Innovation and Agility

Stay ahead by adapting quickly to market changes.

Our Expanse of Salesforce Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Salesforce Implementation and Integration:

Deploy and integrate Salesforce with manufacturing systems.

Sales Cloud Customization:

Personalize Salesforce Sales Cloud for complex sales processes.

Service Cloud Configuration:

Customize Salesforce Service Cloud for post-sales support.

Field Service Lightning:

Optimize field service operations with Salesforce’s solution.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM):

Manage channel partners and distributors effectively.

Data Management and Migration:

Ensure accurate data migration and quality.

Analytics and Reporting:

Provide actionable insights through customized dashboards.

Mobile App Development:

Create custom mobile apps for on-the-go access.

Compliance and Security:

Implement data security and regulatory compliance.

User Training and Support:

Enable user adoption and ongoing support.

Impact of Salesforce to the Manufacturing Industry


Decrease in field force costs


Increase in margin expansion


Average annual growth rate


Of customers repurchase after great customer experiences

The DemandBlue Difference

DemandBlue stands out with our deep understanding of the specific requirements of manufacturing companies. With our customized Salesforce solutions, dedicated support, and industry insights, we deliver exceptional value and enable manufacturing organizations to thrive amidst industry challenges and achieve unmatched success.

Why Choose DemandBlue?

Customer Testimonials

DemandBlue was committed to ensuring they exceeded our expectations

DemandBlue was committed to ensuring they exceeded our expectations for the project. We had a very short time frame in which we asked them to produce significant results, and we were very pleased with the outcome. In addition, as they helped us move into production, they were available to walk us through any concerns and enhancement requests efficiently.

Amy Terrones
Senior Business Analyst
Constellation Energy




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